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Your Guide to Choosing a Suit Jacket

All men look good in a suit, and there are occasions when you are expected to wear a suit. Meanwhile, a suit can give you a feeling of style, quality and individuality. And, a suit jacket can enhance your frame and improve your image and confidence. So, it is always good to choose suit jackets that fit you well and give you a good impression. Nevertheless, a killer suit jacket acts as your armour and makes you feel more confident.

So, these are just some of the pointers you must consider when choosing a suit jacket:


Wedding: A suit is the most acceptable attire for a wedding. So, you can wear a black or midnight blue suit with a crisp white shirt.

Business Meetings: For a business meeting, a high-quality navy or dark charcoal suit tailored to fit you well is the best choice.

Dinner: Dinner jackets can either be standard single-breasted or double-breasted with long flaps in the back.

Types of Suit Fits

Classic Fit: A classic fit suit jacket has generous cuts throughout the waist and chest area, and it allows free movement with less constriction. It suits men who are busy and work in the corporate environment. Besides, if you have an uncommon body size or shape, this is the best style for you as it can be adjusted easily to fit you well.

Slim Fit: A slim fit suit jacket has a narrow cut without excess fabric and suits well if you have a lean build. However, slim fit suits can make anyone look good. They enhance your body shape by making your legs look longer and your waist thinner. They also give you enough room to move freely.

Modern Fit: This fit has a slight trim through the shoulder and a tight chest with higher armholes. It provides more room between the body and the jacket. You appear sharp and sleek in it as it is designed to suit a wide range of body shapes. Moreover, a modern fit gives comfort along with a neat silhouette.


Although the suit’s fitting is essential to make you look good, the fabric defines your style. So, wool, cotton, linen and silk are the most commonly used materials, and some things to consider while choosing the suit fabric are:

Breathability: The fabric should allow the hot air to escape and keep cool air inside.

Usability: Choose a fabric while considering the frequency of usage because some materials are more resilient than others. For example, a wrinkle-free material is suitable for an everyday suit.

Softness: Soft fabrics provide comfort and don’t make you feel trapped inside the suit. In the meantime, some materials can be stiff and may cause itching.


Two-Button Suits: It forms a deep V-shape showing the tie and shirt worn below the suit jacket. You can wear it for all occasions, and it suits all body types. Best for men with a short torso, they are the best choice for everyday wear.

Three-Button Suits: It has shorter lapels, and you can fasten just the middle button or both the middle and top buttons. But, the last button should always stay open. Meanwhile, it suits tall and lean men.

It is good to have more than one suit and of different styles, and this way, you can wear a suit according to the occasion. Meanwhile, some people use suit jackets as a blazer for a casual look.

Every man should have a suit jacket because of its versatility. It can be paired with different bottoms, shirts or can be layered. But, ensure that you choose the right suit: the one that fits you well and keeps you comfortable.