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Wigs ultimate buying guide

Wigs have become so popular in a short amount of time. Instead of going to a parlor and change the hairstyle, modern women prefer to wear wigs. But some of you don’t know about wigs and want to try wig for the first time. Like selecting a diamond, choosing a wig can be very difficult. So the guide will make you easy to choose the best wig for you.

1. Wig according to your style

Style is an essential factor while choosing a wig. Different people have different styles and preferences. One should always select the wig according to their style. So for the first time, always go for the familiar options. Some may prefer a half wig, and some may like a full wig. You can always go for something new for the future, but a familiar style can help you use a new wig more comfortably. After you have enough comfort, you can explore and try the new ones. There are plenty of options to choose from. Some wigs look way better with certain types of faces. So before selecting any wig, make sure if it suits you.

2. Find the capsize

For most people, the average wig size is a perfect choice. But some people require a larger or smaller size than the average size. Some of the wigs come with an adjustable size that has about 1/2″ so that you can fit your wig more comfortably. To measure the wig’s size, you can measure the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck to the other ear, and finally, the back to the front hairline.

3. Type of hair that you want

As there are many styles while choosing a wig, there are also several qualities of wigs that you can find. You may wonder and think of a wig store near me. But in the internet, you can find plenty of wigs according to your choice. There are many two types of hairs you can find in wigs. 

  • Synthetic hair
  • Heat friendly synthetic hair

Synthetic hair: Higher quality synthetic hair offer a look just like natural, humane hair. Synthetic hairs offer limited style and versatility. You cant use any hot tool in these synthetic hairs. They require little maintenance, and you can wear them any time and comfortable to wear. But this type of hair isn’t as durable as humane hair. You can use this hair for up to 4-6 months with proper care.

Heat-friendly synthetic hair: The main advantage of using heat-friendly synthetic hair is that you can apply heat to them. They can use in the temperature around 350 °, but it opens more possibilities of styling. You have to take special care to use this type of hair. It has a more natural vibe than the synthetic hair, but you can use them up to 2-3 months with proper care.

So, according to your budget and use case, you can go for either of this two hair.

4. Choosing color

Most of the wigs have a wide variety of color ranges. So you can choose the color according to your style. If you are using wigs for the first time, you should go for more natural color. After using the color and wig, and if you feel comfortable using wigs, you can go for more color options. They give more versatile and more options to differentiate your style from others. Some of the wigs offer you to have a customized color option. So if you want to have a color of your choice, you can order your wig’s hair.

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