Monday, December 4, 2023
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Why Do I Need More Bongs?

Anyone who uses bongs probably also remembers that buddy in college or sometime in the past that had quite a collection of the things, way more than they possibly needed. While they had some neat stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with collecting stuff, you probably haven’t wanted to start a big collection like that, especially if you’re getting older. But if you enjoy bongs for dried herbs or tobacco, you may be overcompensating by not having the set that you really should.

So, here’s the thing. Sooner or later, any bong that is being used regularly is going to be broken. If it’s glass of some sort, which most are, is going to break sooner rather than later in the grand cosmic scheme of things. You will eventually drop it, when you decide to use it while intoxicated or something, or one of your clumsy friends will break it. The more it is used, the higher the odds are of it eventually breaking somehow. If you have cats, that’s a wildcard that should make you very paranoid about having anything made of glass in your house!

So, having more than one bong is a convenience thing. Having at least 3 is a smart thing. The way I do it, personally, is I have 2 glass bongs and a plastic one. The plastic one gets used for experimental things like trying different spirits or flavorings in bong water, and I keep it in my bedroom where the cat knocking it over won’t destroy it. I have a really nice, beautiful hand-blown glass bong that I use on very special occasions. Special friends visiting, holidays, that sort of thing. And then, I have a nice but not sentimentally-valued glass bong clearly manufactured, but perfectly fine in quality and durability. This is the one I use casually throughout the house and with friends when they come over. I have had several like it, and they eventually get broken. The one that I really value, the one of real artistic merit stays put away on display next to my plates otherwise.

You don’t necessarily need the plastic one, they actually suck, but there are times when I’m just not comfortable messing with glass. But, you should definitely have a standard, machine-precision bong for daily use that will stand up to more use and abuse, be high quality but still be replaceable without the loss of very unique art, and you should keep your nice, bong with character put away for special occasions.

So, the real question is where to get bongs like this, and how to make them affordable enough to be replaceable without sacrificing quality. You will be possibly surprised that this is entirely possible. There are some companies in Europe, New Zealand and Australia that manufactures a magnificent bongs and other smoking accessories using the same kind of quality glass, metal and fittings used in laboratories. This class is easy to clean, as are the metal pieces, it’s durable, it’s attractive in a minimalist way and it isn’t expensive. It is more expensive than really poorly-made factory bongs, but by surprisingly little.

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