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When To Use Out Of Order Sign For Your Business

If you own a manufacturing business and deal with machinery and equipment, you may face several challenges when the machines go out of order. First and foremost, you need to make people aware of the non-functional equipment. Generally, an out of order sign features two bright and contrasting shades, such as black and white or red and yellow. If you are planning to use a customized sign, you can choose a professional signage company.

Things to know

When it comes to installing a prohibitive sign, the reasons could be many. For instance, you may need to tell people that the machinery is not working and you need to upgrade or repair it. Similarly, a bathroom in the airport may be out of order, which informs people to use another bathroom.  Besides, it also debars people from entering a facility due to potential hazards. Here is what you need to know.

  • The out of order sign stays mounted on a signboard.
  • Most these signs need to be placed outdoors, although they are also suitable for non-operational indoor equipment.
  • You can choose from custom signs based on your requirements.
  • The out of order signboard is suitable for restrooms or similar facilities where equipment go out of order from time to time.
  • With the out of order signs, you can clearly inform people that they cannot use the marked area.
  • The out of order signs do not have color variations; instead there are two prominent colors on the sign highlighting the message.
  • In this sign, you cannot go for variation of message unlike many other signs that highlight a promotional message. 

It can be pretty frustrating for any individual looking for an opportunity to withdraw money to discover that the ATM machine is not working. The owner of the premises needs to install an out of order sign to inform people about the non-functional equipment. 

Things to remember 

Once you turn a machine on and off, and its fails to work appropriately placing the out of order signboard is the best way to go so that no one else tries to use the equipment or machinery. The out of order or service and under repair are a few options to let people know about malfunction in the equipment. 

Often, manufacturing companies mark metal equipment with the out of order signboard when they fail to function adequately. All you need is to conduct the repair work of the machinery and equipment and remove the sign. You can also preserve the sign for future use. You need to note the following.

  • You can get signs in different sizes to inform the customers.
  • People cannot miss the bold signs.
  • For temporary messages, you need to use a magnetic sign.
  • You can explore different signs to choose the best option.
  • The magnetic signs made from vinyl can be appropriately used for out of order signs.

You can choose from the signs available to tell people about of malfunction in machineries and equipment. Be sure to choose bold colors so that people can note the information with ease.

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