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What’s Inside A Cricketer’s Bag?

People all across the world not only watch Cricket regularly, but they also play the game, some for pleasure, others for a profession. Millions of children aspire to play for their country’s national team and mimic their cricket heroes like Sir Donald Bradman and Ricky Ponting.

However, only a handful of them makes it all the way to the finish. A great dream, however, demands a quality cricket kit to achieve your goal.

A cricketer’s kit typically includes a cricket helmet, cricket gloves, a cricket chest protection, and a cricket batting pad.

A Cricket helmet

It is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a batsman. When playing with a hardball, it is critical to protect one’s head and face when a fast bowler is bowling. Cricket helmets at Kookaburra Australia are made for the players who use hardball. These helmets provide protection and ensure batsmen’s safety.

A helmet should be simple to adjust and fit the batsman’s head properly. It should be able to absorb sweat from the inside as well. Batsmen around the world prefer helmets that are strong but light in weight to improve their focus on the game. Heavy helmets affect a batsman’s neck and cause long term injuries. Visit Here: 24hoursnews

A Pair of Gloves

Another important piece of equipment for a batsman is his or her batting gloves. The tighter and comfortable the gloves are, the better shock absorbers they are.

Usually, the gloves are made up of nylons or synthetic fiber’s back with a good quality leather palm. Palm helps the batsman to grip the bat and the nylon back ensures shock absorbance when hit by the ball.

Chest and thigh guard

Few amateur players use chest guards, but they are worth considering if you routinely face rapid bowling or play on a shaky field. A chest guard should be worn against high pace because any injury to the chest can cause death. A chest guard keeps a batsman’s chest safe from the ball. It also serves to keep arms comfortable and protected.

The thigh is one of the most important muscles for a batsman and also the most vulnerable. A thigh pad worn on the inside of the pants avoids major bruising but some players choose not to wear a thigh pad as it makes it difficult to move for a batsman.

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The Pads

You must have seen legendary batsmen losing their wicket over lbw. One of the most difficult techniques to master is to make sure your knee is lined up just in the middle of the knee roll, and then make sure the top of the pads aren’t getting in the way of your hands.

When sprinting and playing strokes, the inappropriate size pads will get in the way and become a burden. They’re also less effective at providing protection because the padding is positioned incorrectly owing to their insufficient size.

The Abdo guard

An Abdo guard protects the genitalia and, as a result, has been the target of many dressing room jokes. But an Abdo guard is an essential piece of equipment required for protection to the most sensitive parts of a batsman. Never walk out to bat without one, and don’t expect to be able to borrow one. Visit this site: f95 zone

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