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What Should You Know About Water ATM

One of the latest innovations in water purifier technologies has got to be the water ATM. These are automated water-providing machines. These provide access to pure drinking water all the time. This technology is one of the most underrated innovations in the water industry.

The majority of the common population in India has no idea about these machines. Due to this reason, most people miss out on the opportunity to discover better ways of getting drinking water. People living in Indian cities like Patna can use keywords like water purifier service near me in Patna for searching about this technology.

Having enough knowledge about water ATMs, one can understand how these can benefit their health and well-being. One can also know about the factors associated with the repair and maintenance of these machines. This knowledge would help let people make the right decisions regarding water ATMs.

Working Principle of a Water ATM

A water ATM is generally solar-powered or connected to an external power supply. One can operate some of the latest designs of these machines by using a coin or a smart card. These machines function using cloud computing or GSM technologies.

These machines use filters commonly seen in RO, UV, or ultra-filtration purifiers. The membranes and the ultraviolet light from lamps help to eliminate most solid and chemical wastes, including microbes. These cleaners use carbon and precision filters. These can remove bad odour and taste and remaining impurities from water.

These machines also use temperature-altering technologies. This feature helps such machines provide water at different temperatures per a person’s choice.

Features Normally Found In a Water ATM

A person can always find drinking water from a water ATM. These machines can provide water in the desired quantity. These use a recycling technology that prevents water wastage. These machines also work efficiently by consuming a small amount of electricity. A water ATM also displays the amount of water provided or the jars used.

One can use keywords like RO service in Patna to know more about these machines. This can help a person to know about a water ATMs features and servicing.

Types of Water ATM

There are three types of water ATMs. The most well-known water ATMs is the ring-structured ones. These have a ring-like structure and a tamper-proof rooftop. These machines operate using solar energy or another power source. These are mostly used in public institutions like schools and colleges. One can operate these by using coins.

Another water ATM is the wall-mounted water provider. These run on either solar power or electricity. These machines have a server that can monitor the amount of water dispersed. These machines can come in different shapes and sizes depending on their components. One can use such a water ATM in their own house.

The most common water ATMs are those operated by coins. One can find these in any public place. These come with superior coin scanning technology. The machines provide water as per the amount of coin one has given. These machines come with a combination of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filters.

Current Scenario of Water ATMs

Water ATMs have become more used in public places when compared to homes in India. These are being used in India’s community water purification plants. The Indian government is also promoting using these machines in public healthcare and homes.

Advantages of Water ATMs

One of the biggest advantages of water ATMs is that they are cheap. These machines have a robust design and require low investments. These also reduce plastic use and run on solar power, making them environmentally sustainable. Due to their excellent design, water ATMs can instantly turn dirty water fit for drinking.

Disadvantages of Water ATMs

Water ATMs might not be fit for rural areas as these needs a constant electricity supply. Although these do not often require maintenance, a slight problem might be difficult and costly. People from lower-middle-class backgrounds cannot install these in their homes due to high prices. However, they can still use only one or two filters to save money.

Although one can install water ATMs at home, one might need help from technicians. This is because of their complex designs that might not always suit the home.

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