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Type of Tennis Courts

Tennis can’t be thought of without tennis court.  Many people know tennis, but do we know the types of tennis courts? Let’s learn about different types of a tennis court- 

Grass courts:

The Grass tennis courts are not very usual and are far more often observed in the specialist circuit mainly since they’re so hard to manage. The area is slick which creates the ball jump faster as well as lower to a tennis surface. Wimbledon happens in the grass courts. The United Kingdom is the top location for a grass tennis court, therefore if you would like to check out your tennis on the grass court, think about the UK.

Clay courts:

The clay tennis courts tend to be the bit more usual compared to grass courts, particularly in South America and Europe.  The title is slightly tricking since the area is not created from clay. Instead, red clay-based tennis courts are made from smashed brick, as well as green clay tennis courts are made from metabasalt. On clay tennis courts, balls bounce slowly and better. The most popular clay match is the well known Grand Slam Open that happens in France. 

Hard courts:

The hard tennis courts, made from concrete, are relatively common through the globe. On these types of tennis courts, the tennis ball bounces reasonably fast, however also reasonably high. The sport is simpler to manage on hard tennis courts since the jump of the tennis ball is pretty expected. Two famous Grand Slam events, the Australian Open and US Open happened in the hard tennis courts.

Carpet or indoor tennis courts:

Carpet court in tennis describes any detachable court covering. Those types of areas differ with components, designs as well as thicknesses. On such tennis courts, the tennis ball bounces quick and low, a lot like actual grass tennis courts. The carpet tennis courts are banned from pro competitions by ATP.

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