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Things to Be Aware of When Using the Internet

You may be used to opening various websites on the internet, and when you open them, a message may pop up asking you to accept the ‘cookies’ of the website or another message may pop up asking you to give access to the page of your location or immediately a page may ask you to feed your email for updates. Another case may be that you are searching for a movie to be accessed for free and the website asks you to feed your credit card information to get a free trial. Unless it is a trustworthy and recognized website, the chances of all this information being misused are high. Your personal information should remain private to avoid letting anyone have a chance to ابتزاز you.

Here are a few things to be aware of when being on the internet.

Providing Personal Information

When a website asks you to feed any sort of personal information, make sure to check its authenticity and reliability. If you open Netflix or Amazon or such recognized and famous websites and feed your information you are more likely to trust it and also have fewer chances of being involved in any sort of fraud. On the other hand, if you open an unfamiliar and new website asking you for your information, it is essential for you to thoroughly check if that website is authentic and if the information they are asking for, is even necessary for the reason you need to use the website.


Make sure you check for viruses before you download anything. There are various applications that are solemnly check for viruses in files. When you download those anti-virus applications, every time you download or even upload a file, it detects any potential virus it may contain that might harm your computer.

Misinformation or Rumors

Not everything on the internet can be true. Make sure to double-check and fact-check from a reliable source any information you may have even the slightest doubt on.

Password Setting

When deciding on a password for any of your accounts, make sure to choose one that is not easy to guess. Someone might hack into your account, access your private information and pictures and  ابتزاز جنسي you. Thus, it is essential to choose a good and strong password.

These are some of the safety tips when browsing the internet.

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