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The World’s Most Famous And Talented  Football legends 

Football is the most popular sport in the world. This subject has a lot of competitive talents that are considered football legends  and has been recorded in history thanks to his own achievements. Let’s go with Nhà cái Hi88 Discover these top soccer players by sharing below.

What is a football legend?

How football legend?

Football has become a classic sport in the eyes of fans on many continents. This is considered a king sport with moments of watching beautiful and eye-catching shots until the end of the match has become a very good memory for many fans.

At different times, world football appears extremely excellent players on every position on the pitch. They are respected by many and called one of the football legends  the greatest. The talent of these players will keep fans forever etched in their hearts and included in sports history for other individuals to learn from.

Great  football legends  in world sports

Great  football legends  in world sports

Below, let’s take a look at the most outstanding football talents that are loved and appreciated by many fans.

King of  football legends  – Pele

The first person to appear in the list of  football legends  that cannot be ignored is Pele. He is considered by many to be the greatest football player in the history of world sports. He participated in more than 1363 matches and scored 1281 goals during his career when he only joined the Brazilian team at the age of 16.

Pele’s entire football career was for only two clubs, Santos in his hometown of Brazil and New York Cosmos in the United States. Together with Santos, he won many domestic awards and also the Copa Libertadores. His skillful play has made Americans change the way they look at football and make people no longer look down on this sport.

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Player Diego Maradona – Argentina’s golden striker

There were a lot of football fans in the 80s of the 20th century even remember the legendary goal with the name “hand of God” that took place in Mexico. This is the moment that makes Maradona officially one of football legends  The greatest Argentinian to date.

His influence grew to Italy when he played at the Napoli club. At this time, he helped an unknown team win the championship in the domestic league and made the city of Naples more beautiful than ever.

He is always respected by the people here and registered as one of the football legends  great service to their country.

Ronaldo De Lima – Legend of “alien”

Brazil is a country of Samba dancers. This place is also the birthplace of many outstanding talents of world football. In particular, the name Ronaldo De Lima is known by many as “alien” and is one of the football legends  the world’s most talented.

He is the only player who is enthusiastically praised by both fans and opponents even when he destroys their team. However, his playing career was plagued with many serious injuries. In return for that is the image of Ronaldo trying to get the best goals and score absolute points in the eyes of the fans.

Answers to some questions about  football legends 

Answers to some questions about  football legends 

When it comes to information about the greatest  football legends  in the world, many fans have asked the following questions that need to be answered:

Does the son of a football legend play football?

 football legends  There are also sons in the world who want to continue his father’s playing career. There are people who have achieved certain achievements, but there are also some players because the father’s shadow is too big to be successful.

  • Joe Van Der Sar is the son of legendary footballer Edwin Van Der Sar.
  • Maxim Gullit is the son of talented striker Ruud Guilt. Not only that, he is also the cousin of the legendary striker Johan Cruyff.
  • Enzo Zidane is the eldest son of the player Zidane. He is from the Real Madrid team, but because of his unremarkable talent, it is difficult to join Almeria.

Are  football legends  still competing?

In fact, the people who are called  football legends  are often long-retired players. However, there are still some people who still try to compete to register more victories in their career.

The content of the above article has updated information related to football legends  most famous in the world. Hopefully, through the sharing of Hi88, you have a better understanding of these talented football players and let’s watch for other interesting sports news updates on the website.

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