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The Symbol for Swingers

There is no official symbol for swingers. There are no million-dollar ad campaigns, either. While many companies cater to the swinging lifestyle, no single logo has emerged as a unique symbol of this lifestyle. While the pineapple urban legend is a popular way to promote swinging, there’s no official symbol. But you can use it as a guide to identify other swingers. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect swing Webshots.

A pineapple doormat is a popular swinger symbol. While the pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, the upside-down version signifies a party seeker. Swingers often use this symbol to find each other in public. Some people even carry upside-down pineapples on their wrists. This can be a subtle yet effective way to recognize swingers in public. It can be a sign of friendship and fun 3net.

Pineapples can also serve as a swinger symbol Lockerz. Pineapples are often used in vacation clothing to indicate hospitality. Pineapples also symbolize the hospitality that the Caribbean islands offer. The fresh tropical scent of the pineapple can attract the attention of fellow swingers. It may even help to attract couples looking for swinger parties. One way to get your neighborhood into the swinger mindset is to decorate your home with pineapples. A pineapple welcome mat can be a nice way to let potential swingers know you host swinging parties Bayimg.


Many people who want to get stylishster in swinger circles have a specific symbol. This is not a sign of sexual orientation, but it can be a sign that you’re attracting the right people. Fortunately, swingers are just as picky about who they date, and the symbols that they display are often a sign of that Streamzoo. It’s also important to remember that these swingers don’t want to get involved with just anyone.

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