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The Business of Football with Dan Snyder

To many, football may seem like a game. However, for owners like Dan Snyder, football is all about business. Fortunately, Snyder is up to the task. With his leadership and keen business sense, Washington Football has been a profitable and enduring brand.

He purchased the Washington Football Team in 1999. While Snyder often considers this the key move in his business career, it is certainly not the only smart decision he has made. In fact, Snyder first got his start in the business world back in 1985. This was when he launched his company Snyder Communications. In addition to founder, he went on to be the chairman and CEO. Impressively, when the company went public, Snyder was the youngest CEO of a traded company at the time.

Needless to say, Dan Snyder had a lot of success with his company. Snyder, at the head of the company, oversaw impressive expansion over the years and gave the company a global presence. It employed 12,000 employees in 77 offices around the world. This meant there was a presence in 17 countries. Every year, the company could pull in $1 billion by working with Fortune 500 companies. Snyder capped off his tenure by orchestrating the company’s sale in 2000 when he sold his company to Havas for a cool $2.3 billion. This was the largest merger of this nature at the time.

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Daniel Snyder clearly could have made a career with that company alone. However, his ambitions have taken him further. His other business ventures have included inVentiv Health. Here, Dan snyder has taken on the role of founder and chairman emeritus. He also has a presence with Red Zebra Broadcasting. This is the radio broadcaster that distributes Washington Football programming on the radio waves. He is currently a managing member of the board.

These feats are impressive, but they are all in addition to his role as owner of Washington Football. With the team, Dan Snyder has perfected the business of football. He has invested heavily in the players, the stadium, the training facilities, and the fans. This has yielded unprecedented success on and off the field for everyone involved.

Just look at his work with FedExField. Maintaining a stadium of that size is no easy task, and it requires smart money deployment. Daniel Snyder assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the team’s home and directed money to the right improvements to revitalize the fan experience while boosting profits. The stadium seats 82,000 people, and Snyder directed the use of $100 million to update the signage, viewing screens, scoreboards, entrances, and more. Some of those funds were also targeted at high-end fans with upgrades to the Owner’s Club East and the Owner’s Club West. Most impressively, Snyder has done all of this while owning the stadium in full.

The business plays out in other ways as well. Snyder is sure to always hire the best people, and while much of his work goes on behind the scenes, you can see the results on the field week after week each fall and winter. It was Snyder who helped five Washington players make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He also makes sure the franchise is supplemented with the best upcoming talent. In his 20 seasons as owner, there have been 13 draft picks named to the All-Rookie Team, and nearly 30 players have been invited to play in the Pro Bowl. Between the fan experience in the stands and the quality of the play on the field, it is no wonder that Snyder’s team has seen two decades of real success.

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Dan Snyder also understands that his franchise is a part of a bigger picture. He is committed to being a part of the NFL landscape, and his business leadership has made him a natural fit for many of the committees operated by the league. Snyder’s experience has made him a perfect match for the Media Committee and the Digital Media Committee. He also serves on the Business Ventures Committee, the Stadium Committee, and the Hall of Fame Committee. In fact, he is even on the Board of Trustees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Business is business, but Dan Snyder shares his success. With so many financial gains, Snyder makes a point to give back. He is actively involved with many community causes, and he makes sure to provide targeted support during times of crisis. He spearheads Snyder’s efforts through the Washington Charitable Foundation, which he founded in 2000 after purchasing the team. Football is more than a game. It is more than a business. Daniel Snyder has worked hard to show how it can be both and more. Visit this page to learn more.

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