Monday, December 4, 2023


Basketball dates to the 1800s in Springfield college, and ever since then, this sport has not only gained a lot of popularity but also has changed many lives. Michael Jordan is one individual who was a part of the great revolutionary rare Jordan sneakers movement. People were and still are extremely fond of the Jordan shoes that started getting popular in the 90s.

Today the popularity of these Jordans has sky-rocketed as many young budding basketball players want to own and play in these incredible shoes. There are plenty of good shoe dealers that sell them at such a steal price, that many should consider investing in them. Even if they do not play the sport with a rich history of these sneakers have made them go up in value as time passes. They make for good future investment, and if not anything, they make for some amazing pumps to style with an outfit. This article will discuss the fundamental importance of rare Jordan sneakers with tips on finding the right pair and maintaining them.

Why Jordans made the impact they did and how they are an asset:

  • In 1985, Nike started selling their first pair of rare Jordan sneakers that forever changed the play on the court. The frenzy caused amongst the crowd was spectacular.
  • The collection took off due to the player himself, Michael Jordan, who was highly relatable to the youngsters who aspired to be as hardworking and successful as he is. These Jordans were a symbol of his dedication in the form of hope being shared with the world.
  • They made these shoes affordable for the public to own, making their sales go through the roof as no other shoe range has. It made and still is making a record-breaking sale every year.
  • Today the sneaker culture might be popping off in trend, but the rare Jordan sneakers are the real players still standing strong and firm in the consumer market.
  • The value of these Jordans goes up annually, as, at present, a rare pair could be sold at $20,000USD, making them an ideal investment for everyone.

How to find the perfect pair of Jordans:

  • The colour: Nike Air Jordan 1 comes in stunning colours, with their classic black and white with a touch of pop. Some colours available are red, blue, yellow, island green, smokey grey and many more. This vast array of options makes them very pleasing to the consumer as they can pick what they like and style it with anything.
  • The fit: Pumps must always fit the individual wearing them, this could otherwise cause a severe injury. Shoes must always sit snug on the feet to protect them from shocks and impact. If they are too small, the feet can start cramping, while the risk of an injury is higher if they are too big. Online Stores like the Shoe Grab allow their customers to check their foot size and find one that fits them best.
  • Price range: Jordan sneakers are expensive but are available at bargain prices on dealership websites that make them affordable for everyone. The sneakers can range anywhere between $280 to $420, making it viable for everyone to pick what they like within their budget.

Care and Maintenance of the sneakers:

  • The Jordans are unlike any other pair of sneakers they need special care and attention.
  • Do not scrub them with a brush if they get dirty, instead, try to wash them by hand using a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water.
  • Store the sneakers in a contained unit, preferably in the box they come in to retain their unique shape. If they are kept shabbily with other footwear, the chances of them getting damaged are high.visit here to know more information : gostream