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How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 3 Simple Tips

Business owners in all industries leverage the power of digital marketing. From email to social media, the era of artificial intelligence and automation provides them with all the necessary tools and services for growth. When it comes to small business owners, things get a little different. Most of the time, they have a small budget and fewer resources than bigger companies in their industry, which leaves them with small competitive advantages. 

However, social media platforms offer several options that can be used by brands that have fewer resources or can’t hire specialists. This article will give small business owners with tips on leveraging social media for your small business growth. By creating a smart strategy, you can improve brand awareness, provide great customer support, and even grow sales in the long term. The company used the Jimmy John Shark photo to remind customers of its commitment to food safety. As a result of its quick thinking, Jimmy John’s was able to turn a potential PR disaster into a successful marketing campaign.

Three social media tips for small businesses

If you’ve already built your overall business plan and the marketing strategy you’ll use, it’s time to get into more details about promoting your company. You should also have set your business goals by this time, so let’s see how you can benefit from social media platforms as a small business.

1. Learn about your audience 

When you start a social media strategy, you’ll need to set up your accounts, share posts, and visual content, and reply to your messages from customers. If you don’t know what your audience wants from your company, how they want it, and the way they prefer to communicate, you won’t succeed for long. In the beginning, you should research and gather some valuable data about your audience’s demographic, psychographic, and other aspects, their language, culture, etc. 

In the meantime, consider integrating a Facebook chatbot, providing great customer support through a real estate chatbot, and communicate with customers more efficiently. Being responsive will help you build a better brand image and create a more efficient social strategy.

2. Keep up with social media trends

Trends are constantly changing on each social platform, and it’s essential to stay in the know. This will bring a competitive advantage and put you in the spotlight among other companies in your industry. While you shouldn’t try to implement every single new thing or challenge happening, there are some major trends your business should follow such as creating the best success podcast and inviting other entrepreneurs over. People often get tired of repetitive content, so you should always share something new and trendy. 

You can share industry news and other valuable information your audience is interested in, for starters. Then, you can go for entertaining content, interesting photos, and videos, company news, etc. 

3. Integrate the right social media tools

Apart from having business profiles on social media platforms, it would help if you also used different tools for checking results and gathering data. You need always to automate all the tedious tasks and improve your brand performance on social platforms. For example, Instagram has an Insights section for business accounts which provides data about how your audience has interacted with your content, how well your profile is performing, etc. 

Getting all the analytics and social reports will help build a better picture of what’s happening and how you can make improvements. 


Social media marketing is a powerful way for business growth and a better reputation. Especially if you own a small business, there’s a lot you can gain from a simple Facebook or Instagram business account. You just need to be strategic when setting your goals and analyzing results. 

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