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How Can You Win at Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin slots are casino games that are played by the simple principle. The main goal of the player is to win the certain combination of symbols that are in the payout table. Bitcoin slots have no difference from the ordinary slots you have probably played. The only difference is the payment method. In Bitcoin slots you should deposit with Bitcoin, using your crypto wallet.  You can play with Bitcoin on special websites that provide gamers with BTC slots. Looking for a Bitcoin casino will not take you much time as BTC casinos are quite popular right now.

How to Play Bitcoin Slots?

The purpose of playing Bitcoin slots is to collect winning combinations of symbols.  Having collected winning combinations, you can additionally receive various thematic mini-game bonus rounds. The work of slots is based on random number generation. Each of the BTC slots has a window with the image of the reels, on which the symbols are drawn. The number of drums is usually equal to three or five, but there are other types of slots with seven to ten drums. 

You should learn the control buttons before playing Bitcoin slots. You can play in a free mode of slots without making real bets. Demo mode is a great opportunity to learn how to play slots without risking your own money. Only after understanding the mechanics of the game, and looking through payout tables and winning combinations, you should proceed to bet real money.

Strategies to Win in BTC Slots

Although the Bitcoin slots gaming process is fully randomized, some proven strategies can lead you to success. We will tell you about the most popular strategies players usually use.

Controlled winning 

This strategy is preferred by gamers who can wait. It consists in marking the maximum amount of loss and winning for each of the slots for the entire game session. For example, if planning to spend $50 on bets on each of the BTC slots, you should play until you win $10 or until you lose $5. The main thing is to switch to another slot at the right time, and not to continue the game, counting on success. 


This strategy is popular among lots of players. Due to this strategy, the player should make a bet similar to the previous one in case of a win. As a rule, in case of a loss, the amount of the bet is reduced. The essence of covering the previous loss and obtaining additional profit is based on the theory of probability. For example, if you have placed a $5 bet and lost, you should place a $10 bet with the next spin. This way you will cover the previous loss and will have a profit.  


The essence of this strategy is to play on different slots within the framework of one game session. For example, if your bank is $100, then divide this money to play on five slots – $20 for each. You should move to another Bitcoin slot if you have lost the first one. 


The principle of the strategy consists of visual observation of the Bitcoin slot machine. The player needs to keep in memory a successful combination, and then look for them on other reels. If the slot is winning, the arrangement of symbols will look diagonal, like the V letter, or like a rhombus.

These strategies are widely used by players and sometimes they are quite helpful, but they don’t promise you 100% success. You should always remember important signs that can help you win in BTC slots.

Payout percentage

Bitcoin casinos bring players a higher percentage of payouts than regular casinos.  You need to look for casino slots that offer a 97%-98% payout percentage.  This way, you will have more chances to receive funds. 


Bonuses in Bitcoin slots are a useful thing that will help you win. Usually, BTC casinos provide users with a generous welcome and daily bonuses. You should better use the bonuses and get free spins, which will give you more chances to win.


To review there is a high chance for everyone to win in the Bitcoin slots. You can choose one of the popular strategies that will help you to make the right bets. Besides you can multiply the chances of winning by using the bonuses and paying attention to the payout percentage.

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