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Forbuygames Holds the Key to Fun & Exciting Video Gamming

Meant for unlimited fun and excitement, video games have traveled afar their humble origin. It allows the gamer to control the virtual world, and, in the process, get fully absorbed into the game. From toddlers to grandpas, all over the world, enjoy video gaming. There are more than three billion video gamers across the globe.

What is a CD key?

It is a unique alphanumeric code for officially downloading video games. It is proof of authority to activate a video game on gaming platforms like Steam and others. One can download video games to their account by purchasing the key. You can always download the game through your account even if it is removed earlier.

Serving game sellers

Forbuygames is a bulk video game distributor. They are a leading digital games distribution company, worldwide, since 2017, and are one of the largest key distributors in the country. The company nourishes the need of the marketplace game sellers with a wide range of products CD Keys for Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Rockstar Games & Uplay. They procure the keys from trusted sources directly connected to publishers. And, sometimes, the company gets those from third-hand distributors.

Large clientele

The bulk video game distributor has a large clientele with more than two hundred satisfied business partners. Forbuygames always stays in close contact with the business partners and interacts with them monthly. It goes a long way to increase co-operation between the company and the business partners.  They are always after improving their customer base and look for building new business relationships and getting new partners.

Unparalleled modus operandi

Because of its unparalleled quality and service, the company has reached this position today. Starting as a retail game distributor, they turned into a B2B bulk video game distributor. Being a digital codes wholesale company, Forbuygames always provides resellers with a large selection and best pricing. The resellers can further sell them through their websites or in marketplaces. It ensures an increase in their profitability and business growth.  They ship worldwide cover almost all corners of the planet and do not sell anything personally, or on available marketplaces.

Minimum order quantity

MOQ stands at 20 minimum for in-stock products. It is 50 minimum for products to be ordered from their suppliers.

Several payment options

Forbuygames accepts payments through Bank Transfer, PayPal, and TransferWise.

Sure-fire guarantee

As a bulk video game distributor, Forbuygames sells authentic codes and guarantees that 99.99% of them are functional without any problem. However, problems may sometimes occur due to human error of incorrect writing of the codes. Forbuygames shall take the responsibility and do all that is possible to fix such issues. Else, the company shall return the money within the least time possible.

Large connections

As a bulk video game distributor, Forbuygames has a large collection of digital products. The company also has constant access to more than 3000 of them. With their 5-year experience, they can deliver what the business partners are looking for satisfying them beyond their expectations. Contact them for giving a kick-shot to move your retail business ahead.