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Five Live Sports Broadcast Solutions

If you’re looking for 25 Live Sports broadcast solutions, there are several companies you can turn to. These companies include PMTV, Bally Sports, and Harmonic. Each company has its own strengths and has different options. Take a look at these five companies to find out what’s right for your next live sports event.


Harmonic Live Sports broadcast solutions offer a complete platform for a variety of broadcasting needs. With a range of features, the platform enables easy media processing and delivery of live sports, and offers 24/7 monitoring and assistance. It supports a wide range of sources and is fully automated, enabling high reliability, even during peak viewing periods. It combines on-premises and cloud resources with the same traffic system, and provides advanced monetization capabilities.

With its robust platform, Harmonic delivers premium sports events to global audiences with ease. Its innovative technology includes real-time CDN path selection and high availability. The platform also supports dynamic channel lineups based on the sports schedule. Its VOS360 SaaS platform enables live sports broadcasting at scale and provides exceptional quality of experience.

The company also plans to showcase its VOS360 Channel Origination & Distribution Platform, a fully managed platform that enables operators to create and manage linear channels, live events, and streams. Harmonic’s VOS360 Live Streaming Platform also supports geo-redundancy and provides operators with the flexibility to manage peak viewing hours. It also offers real-time scaling capabilities, as well as dynamic ad insertion and live video delivery optimization.

Harmonic’s cloud SaaS platform has proven its ability to deliver live sports content at scale, ensuring pristine video quality up to UHD. It also offers unmatched scalability, agility, and security. It powers thousands of live events per month. In addition, its forensic watermarking solution, NexGuard, embeds session-specific forensic watermarks into live channels. NexGuard can scale to millions of concurrent sessions and supports most common streaming formats.


PMTV offers a variety of live and on-demand broadcast 무료스포츠중계 solutions for the television industry. From mobile OB facilities to satellite uplink trucks, they offer everything a broadcast needs to achieve success. Their turnkey production packages and on-site technical management allow them to accommodate any location and any event.

With more than 30 years of experience in live broadcasting and technical production, PMTV has the expertise to help you achieve your production goals. Our scalable solutions include satellite uplink trucks, mobile production facilities, transmission management, webcasting, streaming, and pre-production coordination. Additionally, our company offers Broadcast Consulting services to help you create the perfect broadcast environment.

PMTV is providing production services for the BT Sport Unilateral Broadcast of #CaneloGGG2. PMTV has been on-site at the T-Mobile Arena for the past two days. Our team will provide HD Mobile Units, Broadcast Crew, Venue Coordination, and Technical Support to help deliver the most comprehensive coverage for Canelo’s GGG2 fight. In addition, the event will launch the BT Sport Box Office.

PMTV’s mobile units feature EVS Broadcast Equipment and HD Expando Production Trucks. The company also provides Hybrid C/Ku-Band Satellite Uplink Trucks, TV Broadcast Crews, On-Site Technical Management, and Venue Logistics.

Bally Sports

Bally Sports is a sports broadcaster with a slew of different options. They provide network services and regional broadcasts of sports events from many teams. Currently, they operate 19 owned-and-operated networks and several affiliates, which provide programming in at least 45 states. However, Bally Sports has no coverage in Philadelphia.

Bally Sports offers over-the-top subscription streaming services that feature livestreams from regional networks. Additionally, it offers selected market-specific video-on-demand content. It also provides live game replays, team-centered studio programs, outdoor programming, and selected programs syndicated to network feeds.

Bally Sports offers broadcast services to teams for regional sports, including soccer and baseball. The network includes local rights to MLB teams in five launch markets and regional programming in the rest of the country. In addition to these regional sports networks, the network offers virtual control rooms to provide live sports content.

For sports fans who prefer regional sports, Bally Sports is a must-have. Currently, they are available on a number of streaming services, but most major leagues, NHL, and NBA teams are not included. However, if you’re looking to follow your favorite team, it’s essential to use one of the many available services. ExpressVPN allows access to Bally Sports content.


Although Bally Sports Southeast used to be easy to find on live TV streaming services, the network is no longer available on DIRECTV STREAM. In the meantime, viewers can watch the Atlanta Braves, Memphis Grizzlies, and Atlanta Hawks on DIRECTV STREAM.

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