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CBD use with anesthesia

A review of the literature found research related to the inclusion of cannabis and cannabis extracts in some anesthesia in humans The results of the research are not yet precise. Anesthesia in patients with a history of cannabis use or cannabis extract for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis side effects affect many systems of the human body. It depends on many factors such as quantity duration, method, and intensity, which still need further study. Most of the pharmacological interactions between CBD kaufen and anesthesia drugs were preclinical studies found that THC induces the effect of vasoconstrictive drugs such as pentobarbital, thiopental, ketamine, propanidid, and alfaxalone/alfadolone 1, but some studies have reported that the dose of THC interacts with interferes with the sedative effect of thiopental and propofol1. Fleisberg et al.

Propofol during sedation was significantly higher in patients with a history of smoking cannabis. Studying Cannabis Reactions or cannabis extract with vapor anesthesia, That is to say, sevoflurane anesthesia has an effect. Causing cannabinoid levels (cannabinoid) that the body produces is anandamide (anandamide) decrease significantly.

The effect of cannabis extract nabiximols (Sativex®) on the

bispectral index (BIS) during surgery of patients undergoing general anesthesia. The results showed that an increased amount of cannabis extract nabiximols resulted in significantly higher BIS values. Important without affecting the level depth of anesthesia The researchers also found that cannabis or cannabis extracts caused electrocardiograms. Another study found that patients with a history of cannabis or extract use Cannabis is resistant to vaping anesthesia, such as isoflurane and desflurane, which may be translated to make it more difficult to stun. For studying the effects of CBD kaufen or cannabis extracts on muscle relaxants. is also studied in Experimental animals From the results of the study This led some researchers to say that cannabis or cannabis extracts tend to the effect of the drug slack muscle type nondepolarizing muscle relaxant extended 1 Dickerson5 mentioned marijuana or the substance.

Cannabis extract tends to enhance medicinal effects. norepinephrine and nondepolarizing muscle relaxants

Relaxant, the synergistic effect of the drug Norepinephrine causes the heart muscle of anesthetized patient to respond to the physiological effects of cannabis users on various body systems.

Therefore, preoperative assessment of patients is critical to determine the degree of use of cannabis and its extracts.Cannabis anesthesiologists and healthcare professionals need to identify that the patient is a new user or a person with a long history of use How long it was last used This is because the duration and amount of marijuana affect the body. Different if it is for recreational use, the anesthesiologist or healthcare professional should inquire about the substance used. Such as synthetic as spices, etc.

The use of cannabis for pain relief

Randomized, controlled, clinical trials; RCTs. Concerning the use of CBD kaufen or cannabis extracts for analgesia is limited from systematic reviews. Studies have found different types of cannabis (plant, extract, or synthetic), methods of use (smoked, ingested, or mucosal absorption), and dosage or dosage. The human study model was an experimental study in healthy volunteers. The results of the research were both an increase in pain tolerance levels. Some studies have found no effect on pain tolerance level, or some studies have found that it triggers pain, such as a study by Wallace M et al. Conduct a pain stimulation study. (capsaicin-induced pain and hyperalgesia) in marijuana smokers with the concentration of substance The results showed that the THC-rich cigarettes 2% did not affect pain level. but in the group with a concentration of 4%, the pain level was reduced and the 8% concentration increased the pain level.