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A Beginners Guide to Choosing a Road Bike

Getting a good road bike can be a bit of a time and financial commitment but is worth it to better enjoy your new passion or hobby. While it is new it is important to still make sure you choose the best road bikes like Polygon road bike, mountain bike etc.. that fits you well and you could get one in person or do a virtual bike fit. Who knows maybe in the future you will start competing!

Think about your skill level

When you are choosing a road bike you need very carefully think about your skill level. A newcomer will want something comfortable, reliable and affordable. You should look for enough gears that get you over any hills. Road biking is a bit different from regular cycling but there are similar principles such as getting a road bike fitting. Here are some things to consider at different skill levels and for bike size.

  1. Low skill level – This is tricky because if you are on a budget it can be hard to get something right and affordable. Try to avoid getting sucked in by lots of gears and lots of features that you do not yet need.
  2. Medium skill level – If you are a medium level this means you might have more experience in other forms of cycling. You can start to explore different road bike features and spend a bit more money since you know what biking is like and be a bit more sure about whether you are going to stick with it.
  3. High skill level – If you have a lot of skill and experience and want road biking to be a large part of your life then you should spend as much as you can afford as this is a good investment in something you will love. Get as many gears as you want!

Considering bike sizes

As with any cycling, one of the biggest things to consider with road biking is making sure the bike fits with something like a virtual bike fit. There are a number of advantages to this but three of the main ones are;

  1. Efficiency – Your fitness, strength and size will impact how much energy and strength you have to put into the exertion of pedalling! We are all limited on how much energy we have though even the fittest of us. Having a bike that fits properly will make it easier to peddle.
  2. Comfort – When you have a proper road bike fitting you will be comfortable on the bike and be able to ride for longer. Sometimes people get off their bikes and stop wanting to carry on because of a lot of pain and discomfort, but some of that can be avoided with the seat in a better position, the handlebars in the right position and so on.
  3. Speed – Another great reason to do this is to improve the speeds you can achieve. This is especially important if you intend to be competitive but even if you are not racing you get to improve your own personal bests!