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5 Most Preferred Rugby Bet Types for Beginners

Rugby is a popular sport played in several countries worldwide, having many famous national and international tournaments. Recently, its popularity has grown even among countries that don’t have national rugby teams.

The game provides countless exciting betting opportunities for both experienced and new bettors. Leveraging the advancements in communications technology, you can place your bets from almost anywhere in the country, so long you have a stable internet connection. But this also exposes you to online threats such as data breaches, hacking, etc. Therefore, choose a trustworthy betting platform like Blue Bet for placing your bets.

Before You Place Your First Bet 

If you’re new to the game and don’t have a clear understanding of how Rugby is played or what rules are followed, you definitely should invest some time to increase your knowledge base. Also, remember that Rugby League and Rugby Union are two distinct variants of rugby, with separate rules and regulations. Rugby League is the more popular and widely followed game among the two.

After you have a substantial knowledge base about the game, you can wager on any of the following types of bets.

Match Outcome

It is the most preliminary and often chosen bet type that bettors prefer. You place a bet on three possible outcomes – a win by either team or a draw. A draw is quite rare in rugby, so you will need to pick a team that you assume will win the match and place the bet on it. All you have to do is go to a trusted site like Blue Bet and place your bet before the game begins.

Sometimes, beginners primarily focus on the odds or their favourite team, players, etc., to place a bet. You should avoid this approach and instead make an informed decision.

Here are some things that you can take into account:

  • Recent track record of a team, preferably last three matches
  • Team members on the roster and their performances
  • Injuries that any players may have sustained, especially the match-turners

Winning Margin

In this bet type, you need to bet by guessing the margin by which a team might win the game. For instance, between teams A and N, N can win by a margin of 10 or 20 scores or vice versa. This bet is usually placed in batches of five to 10 points, the former being a more frequent option.


Handicap bets are more attractive and fun. In this type, the bookmaker (the one who takes the bets) will set a handicap against a team by deducting some points from the favourites or adding a few points to the underdogs, or both.

For instance, if team A has a handicap of ‘-5’, then their scores will be counted in the bet after they surpass 5 points. It is a way to even the betting pool that bookmakers often use.


These bets are placed based on the outcomes of the match till the first half. You can place bets by predicting which team will be on the lead, which team will score first, or even on the possibility of a draw.

Total Points

As the name suggests, you need to bet on the total points that both the teams combined will score in a game. You can also bet on points scored in the two halves of the match separately. The bookmaker will sometimes set a score bar against which you can place bets on whether the teams’ scores will be higher or lower than the set bar.

There are numerous other types of bets in rugby that you can explore and enjoy. But always remember to indulge in gambling responsibly.

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