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3 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog

It’s an essential point in blog marketing to be ranked in searches, and it’s some kind of metric showing that your website works good and in the right direction for SEO. What is considered to be right? It’s different for every blog but there are some general four effective steps that will help you rank your blog in the search engines. 

1. Create SEO friendly website

Did you know that having a well-designed website can be just as important for search engine rankings as having a technically well-structured site and creating high-quality content? Yes, it is. Creating a website that will be appropriate for all SEO metrics and will also be user-friendly, can increase the chances for ranking your blog.

Keeping the blog updated with fresh and unique content, putting blog posts on specific columns, using relevant keywords, adding links, and integrating other components related to SEO, can make your website look more professional and SEO friendly. This will, in its turn, rank your blog on the search engines. 

2. Publish high quality content

Publishing high-quality content that is relevant to your blog niche and target audience is the important part when running a blog and wanting to be ranked. Your blog’s content goal should be to share blog posts with high quality, relevant, and unique articles which will match the interest of your audience. 

Choose topics that are trending and will definitely interest your target audience. It will help appear in rankings more and keep your audience engaged. Blog posts with high quality content are always attracting an audience so they will frequently type your blog name on the searches to read your articles. 

3. Optimize relevant keywords

The proper use of relevant keywords in the content will undoubtedly make your blog rank on searches. When starting a blog, every blogger should choose a specific niche to keep the content plan around these topics. After this, choosing relevant keywords is a must, as due to relevant keywords your blog has a chance to become visible in searches and rank. 

Choosing relevant keywords that will match your niche and topics, and using it on your blog posts will always optimize your keywords and metrics will show which keyword works best for your rankings. In such cases, it would be best to use large scale rank tracking to choose the most appropriate keyword or other metrics that will be properly matching to your blog requirements.


It’s an essential part in blog marketing to be ranked in searches, so it’s showing that your website works good and in the right direction for SEO. It’s right that every blog has its own requirements and metrics, but there are some general guidelines that are essential for every blog that want to be ranked. SEO friendly websites with high quality content which includes optimized relevant keywords will help you rank your blog properly. 

This little guide with three most easy and effective ways will be helpful for your blog to become more visible and highly ranked in the search engine results. 

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