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Have you ever got into a fight that was so bad, it made your stomach turn? When your side didn’t want to fight back and you couldn’t take any more, you just gave up and let them have it? Crazy! That’s what happens when you train with lions and tigers. These animals are known for their ferociousness and unrelenting nature. They can be quite scary at times, but they are also very gorgeous creatures. You get the best out of them by listening to their needs and not just showing them who’s boss. Let the show start! Here we go:

What is a tiger based fight?

A tiger based fight is when you and a friend go to a combat training facility, and both of you get into a local bear fight. You have no idea why he’s there, but he’s there because he likes your company. The fight is about as exciting as a tiger can get in the wild. There’s no way to prevent someone else from getting in there and hurting you, so you’ve got to take the fight to them first. It’s that’s what they’re there to do, so just do it!

When to fight a tiger

There are two types of tiger based fights: fight between brothers and fight between tigers. The former is against your family, while the latter is against the tiger community at large. There are also fights between individuals, but these are more common in the wild and are more often sanctioned by the forest department.

Does a tiger need to be beaten up in the show?

No, a tiger does not need to be beaten up in the show. In fact, a wild tiger would probably enjoy a few treats in a home or cafe before going out on full-blown battle. However, when training with a tiger, you will have to put up with a lot. The last thing a safari does is to leave the tiger unprotected, which is why you’ll have to put up with a bit of physical and emotional punishment if you want this theme to continue.

Why is it called a tiger?

It’s a title that is given to animals that are deemed to be of high breeding. It doesn’t mean that a tiger is a breeding animal, just that it’s a high-end version of the species. The higher the breeding, the more important it is to look after it properly. Look out for your younger self, because these animals are quite independent and may decide for themselves what to do next.

Don’t let the looks fool you – this beast is also very social

To a large extent, you will have to learn to be suspicious of your own looks. Your natural state is going to be a combination of factors, but you must also be suspicious of what other animals are doing as well. A high-strung, 144-pound tiger could easily beFriendly and playful, but a shy and apprehensive one can be quite scary. Appropriate punishments for misbehaviour will depend on the animal’s age and fitness level, so you should definitely be aware of what each one of your mentors is like.

The best time to train with tigers is right after they have already been released from the woods

Farms and primary clean-up after forest fires are the best times to train with tigers. Remember to clean up the forest as soon as possible after a fire has been put out. You’re unlikely to see a wild tiger in the scrub for five months after the fire has been put out, so you should be able to put that out pretty quick.


You’re probably wondering how you can take these animals to the next level, and there are a few ways. By learning about their behaviour and preferences, you also learn about your own, which will make your training more interesting. After all, there are no two animals very similar in performance, no matter how hard you try to train them. So, how do you train with tigers? The answer is the same way you train with anything else: by listening, by knowing, and by practicing. Practice makes perfect, and you can bet on that when you get your first taste of training with a tiger.