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Facebook Boombox is the world’s first and only social media application that enables users to connect via voice and text chat. It also has a mobile app which is where users can access it from their smartphones. This combined makes Facebook Boombox one of the most popular social media applications in the world today. The company that makes this technology called ‘social media’, owns the app and its developer, Mark Zuckerberg, is its president. However, not all businesses use Facebook to their full potential. If you don’t want people to see your profile picture or posts without any personal information about you, then don’t put your business information on there! Instead, use the app’s filters to remove certain types of content as well as show off your business or products only if they are related to what you do or make up of your industry. Here are some tips on howto avoid being seen as a marketer with a ‘boombox’ on your wall:

Don’t show off your business

Marketers don’t want to be known as ‘marketing’ with a ‘boombox’ built into their wall. Instead, they want to be known as ‘publishers’ who are actively pursuing their passions – either with independent work or with brand extensions. Even the smallest business can have a ‘boombox’ on their wall with their Facebook posts and images. This means that if people see your business name or your logo, they will immediately associate it with you – without you having to do anything extra. To avoid this, you need to stay behind the scenes and keep your Facebook posts as private as possible. This is because people are more likely to see what they’re looking for than if they see your page, image, or all three. If you have a public Facebook account, they will see just the details, which is not good enough. Your business’s posts should be visible to everyone, including people you don’t know.

Don’t use too much info in your Facebook Boombox

If you’re publishing content on Facebook and it’s not related to your business, you don’t need to put as much information in your Facebook Boombox as possible. There are plenty of ways to set up a private Facebook account, and you can choose to put only your professional posts in this time-consuming and effort-consuming application. But the more personal your posts are, the less obvious it will be for others to see. To achieve this, you need to keep your information to a minimum. While you should be able to put up some links to your products or services without going into details, you should also avoid including information that could be seen as advertising. For example, you may want to keep your Facebook posts as separate from your blog posts, but you should still have them linked to each other at least as far as is necessary.

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