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Your guide to moving sports equipment

A sportsman has some extra attachment with his sports equipment. Many workout addicts collect several sports equipment over a period of time. And moving home means moving all this heavy equipment too. It needs extra care and attention to move sports equipment as these items do not move smoothly. Though hiring professionals to pack and move your sports equipment is the right way, you should also be aware of the process. Not moving your sports gear properly may damage them or even may cause injuries to people handling them so, it is very important to keep some important points in mind while moving your sports equipment to have a smooth and safe move. Here we present a guide that will help you pack and move your sports equipment safely.

Clean Before You Pack

Like all other equipment and appliances, cleaning your sports equipment before packing them is very much recommendable. Cleaning your sports equipment well will ensure that they are germ and bacteria-free as they contain all the sweat that dripped from your body while working out. Make sure you wash all your towels and blankets and wipe down the yoga mat thoroughly. You can consider wiping your heavy sports equipment such as exercising bike/cycle, treadmill, weight machines, and an elliptical trainer, etc. You can use wet wipes and specific cleansers to clean yoga mats, and other equipment. Once your equipment is clean, consider hiring professionals for packing and moving. Try finding some cheapest cross-country movers to do the task.

Pack Them Safely

Most sports equipment comes in bags so it is wise to keep them in their respective bags. But this doesn’t serve the purpose; make sure you pack your equipment well to keep them safe. Though moving companies own the right material to pack sports equipment, you should ask them about it. Alternatively, you can also hire a portable moving container to move your equipment safely.

It is important to pack each sporting item separately in high-quality cardboard boxes. Be sure about the quality of cardboard boxes as sports items are often heavy. Use smaller or same size boxes for heavy items and keep some space near the brim so that boxes do not get damaged while carrying or holding. Lastly, follow the packing instructions given in the manual of that particular equipment.

Moving Your Equipment Well

Moving your sports equipment is definitely not an easy task but there are some ways and using them will make the process less challenging.

Treadmill: To move a treadmill, make sure you unplug the machine and remove/disconnect all the wires from the wall. Clean the machine thoroughly by wiping every inch with a disinfectant. Once it is ready to pack, take the help of friends or family who can assist you in lifting heavy machinery. Fold the machine up and lock it into an upright position and wrap it in moving blankets. Make sure you tape the wires well inside the machine to keep them safe. Sports equipment like the treadmill and the stationary cycle is hard to handle and it is wise to either take the help of your friends or hire labor. So, hiring a moving company to pack your precious sporting equipment is not a bad idea.

Stationary Cycle: Stationary cycle is the most used home equipment and moving them is not very hard too. All you have to do is to clean the cycle and wrap a moving blanket across it. If you are planning to scroll the bike through your home, it is wise to keep some cloth beneath it to keep your floor from any scratches. Like in the case of a treadmill, you may need help to lift and load the cycle into the moving truck.

Dumbbells, Barbells & Weights: Consider using cardboard boxes for moving sporting gear like dumbbells, barbells, and weights. Make sure your chosen cardboard boxes are of high quality and durable as these items are very heavy and a normal cardboard box may not hold them well. Use smaller boxes and not a large box and this will ensure that the weight of these items is distributed evenly. Do not get used or frail cardboard boxes; if you do not get sturdy boxes, consider using some strong plastic bins.  So, once you are sorted with the boxes, wrap each item in packing paper or newspaper to keep them from hitting each other and keep them protected.

Yoga Mats: Yoga mats and yoga blocks are the easiest to pack and move when you talk about moving equipment. Simply fold from top and bottom and secure it with tape. Keep these folded yoga mats into a carrying bag before storing them in the moving boxes.

Exercise Weighted Ball: Exercise ball is heavy to carry so make sure you take professional help to lift them. It is wise to wrap the ball in a moving blanket and plastic wrap before moving it into the truck. Also, make sure you place the ball in the back of the truck to keep it from scrolling or damaging other items.

Use these tips and enjoy a stressfree moving experience.