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What Type of Trainers Are Best for Circuit Training?

Today, when most people think about trainers, they are thinking about them as a fashion statement. It’s easy to forget what trainers were actually designed for – sports.

Circuit training is the performance of numerous exercises in quick succession with short rest periods. Naturally, when you’re purchasing trainers with circuit training in mind, you should be looking for trainers that offer unparalleled support and that can keep up with this fast-paced workout.

Good quality trainers can be a pricey purchase – especially if you’re investing, which you should be. So, we recommend finding discount codes for trainers that can help you get a hold of the perfect pair without breaking the bank.

But which trainers are best for circuit training? Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Nike Metcon 7

This shoe has got to be our first choice. Listed in tons of “best shoes for exercising in 2022” articles, its reactive foam sole allows this shoe to offer incredibly foot support. It’s also highly durable, meaning it can keep up with your circuit training workout – no matter what sort of exercise you’re doing!

2. Allbirds Tree Dashers

The slightly lesser-known brand has produced a shoe that is perfect for vigorous exercise. With a seamless one-piece upper for maximum comfort and a lightly padded heel collar surrounding the ankle, these babies should definitely be on your wish list.

Plus, they’re sustainably made and good for the planet – win, win!

3. Nike Pegasus Trail 3

Let’s say you want to take your circuit grip strength training into the great outdoors; then, you need a shoe that is going to be able to handle whatever terrain you’re working with. The Pegasus allows you to take on all sorts of paths and trails with complete confidence with their responsive, lightweight and durable design. They even feature a shockwave pattern that mimics mountain bike tires, providing incredible traction over any surface.

4. Adidas Duramo SL

Now on to Adidas, the Duramo SL is a shoe that Adidas itself says is good for “versatile comfort”. And isn’t that exactly what circuit training requires? Their lightweight build and pillow-like fit holds and protects your feet throughout any sort of exercise. Oh, and these babies are available in a wide range of colour combinations, so if you’re someone who likes to circuit in style, they’re definitely for you!

5. Reebok HIIT

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the Reebok HIIT trainer. Designed specifically for high-intensity workouts, these trainers can keep up whether you’re squatting, running or hitting up the burpees. With a mesh upper layer to keep your feet cool and comfortable and a pillow around the collar for a secure and safe fit – these trainers are a circuit-trainers must-have.

When it comes to choosing the right trainers for you, there are tons of options available – which can sometimes be more of a hindrance than helpful. Our advice? Do your research. Choose the trainers designed for the type of exercise you’re doing. Our other piece of advice? Find a discount code!