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What Is the Best Quality Custom T Shirt Printing? Elements You Need to Consider

The custom t shirt Singapore business can be lucrative, if you know how to do it right. Not only people are excited about custom hoodies, or sweatshirts, or tank tops, they also love the fact that they can personalize their favorite shirts. After all, the T shirt is the most comfortable type of apparel that is just perfect for all kinds of events and occasions. From casual events to formal occasions, the shirt can be the perfect options. However, you should also know that different fabric will determine the quality printing too. If you are familiar with the different printing methods, you’d know that each method is perfect for different types of garment. So, let’s dig deeper into this matter, shall we?

The Best Fabric

As it was mentioned before, if you want to enjoy the best result for custom t shirt, you need to know the detailed specs of each fabric. When it comes to printing, there are 3 different fabrics that would be perfect for the job. They are cotton, polyester, and blended materials.


Also known as standard cotton, the basic of the fabric is soft veggie fibers. They are spun into yarn, and then woven to fabric to make shirt’s components. Higher cotton percentage is perfect with DTG (Direct to Garment) printing because it would result in vivid printing outcome. Printing purpose works just like a charm with fabrics from natural fiber because it will last longer (and also better) through the wash. Be advised, though, that not all cotton is the same. Regular cotton is basically the standard in this printing industry, but there are also combed and ring-spun cottons that are more durable as well as softer. As if it weren’t enough, standard cotton is still divided into several different categories, which would be described below.

Ring spun Cotton

This one is considered the premium fabric (and composition) which is perfect for high-end print. In ring spun cotton, the fibers are somewhat twisted more tightly and then thinned through the so-called spinning process. As a result, the fabric is softer with stronger yarn composition. The surface is smoother than standard cotton, which affects the printing quality in an overall outcome.

Combed Cotton

During the spinning process, any impurity (of the cotton) would be ‘combed’ out. As a result, the cotton would be higher in quality. It is also softer and stronger. Is it durable? Absolutely!

Airlume Cotton

If you see cotton with this description, in general, the fabric is known as the highest quality of ring spun and combed cotton. Basically, it is a super clean cotton that has removed 2.5 times more impurities, when compared to the standard (ring spun) cotton. You can imagine how extensive the combing process would be. Long staple of cotton is being used, meaning that there are fewer fibers stray during the spinning process of the yarn. As a result, the print surface is smoother.


The name itself speaks volumes of what it is. It is the fabric that mixes 3 different types of fabric. In general, the composition typically comprises of 25% of rayon, 25% of cotton, and 50% of polyester. The result is a pretty stretchy fabric (but not overly stretch) that is soft. It has its own unique vintage appearance to the fabric. Cotton is perfect for DTG fabric, but such a printing method also works well with this fabric, especially if you are looking for a method that saves you money.


This is the man-made polymer that is also known as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It is fast drying. It is super durable. It is lightweight and yet strong. This type of fabric is perfect for sublimation printing instead of DTG, especially for an all-over printing quality.

Fabric Weight

Don’t forget to consider the weight of the fabric if you want to make custom t shirt order. The weight is crucial as it is related to the temperature or climate. Whereas most people think that heavier and thicker fabric is always the best in quality, that’s not really true. There are some heavier fabrics that are quite poor in quality as well as some lighter fabrics that have absolutely amazing quality.

Paying Attention to the Descriptions

In custom t shirt business, there are limitless technical terms that may confuse you. Don’t be! Here are some break downs of the terms

  • Shoulder to shoulder taping. It refers to a sewing method where the fabric would be sown over the sewing construction’s raw edges, usually on the neck and shoulder seams. It would create more durability at some stress points. This method would close the back and front shoulders (of a shirt), resulting in longer-lasting shirt, especially under duress. This is usually a crucial finish for custom sportswear.
  • Single count – and its effect on the shirt. The term single is about the yarn’s diameter and it is determined by the number of the fibers being twisted. The higher your single is, then the finer the yarn would be. The fabric would be softer too. Shirts from single count fabric are typically coming with better quality and it would be costlier.
  • Side-seam and tubular construction differentiation. The side-seam shirts have seams (down) on each side of your shirt. As a result, it has somewhat structure look with more flattering result. The tubular shirts, on the other hand, don’t have those side seams, resulting in a more square and tubular shape. This type of construction is typically more affordable with less fitted appearance.

Final Words

When we are talking about the best shirt for on-demand printing business, it depends on several factors, really, including the customers, the brand, and also the business. The important keys are related to high singles count, fabric composition, and the material of the fabric. It’s advisable that you do your own research concerning the type of fabric. Different fabric manufacturer has their own specifications and details, which may affect your printing quality in an overall effect.

You should also remember that fit and quality are crucial, but you need to consider the price too. It’s related to your profit margin and the professional reputation of the brand. Consider these elements when before you jump into the custom t shirts business.

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