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What Is Quick Pick TOTO?

TOTO is one of the three popular lottery games in Singapore and everyday, thousands of players are buying tickets to try their luck in winning the jackpot prize in the online lottery. While the game itself is not complicated, sometimes choosing what numbers to play could be difficult to the bettor.

There are many ways to play TOTO and bettors are fortunate enough that Singapore Pools have provided them multiple options to play the lottery. In this guide, we are providing you with essential information about one particular bet type in TOTO, the Quick Pick Bet.

What is Quick Pick?

Quick Pick is one of the several bet types available in the Toto lottery. The other bet types are Ordinary or Self-Pick, System Entry, System Roll, and iTOTO.

Quick Pick is an option in Singapore Pools where it allows the bettor to let the system decide which numbers to choose that the bettor will place as an entry to the lottery draw. The system will select several random numbers from 1 to 49 to include in your bet.

Differences of Quick Pick and Ordinary Bet

According to the survey, Quick Pick and Ordinary are two of the most popular bet types in Singapore Toto lottery. The players can choose between the two bet types according to their preference.

Basically, the Ordinary bet refers to the option where players can decide which numbers to choose that they will include in their entry. The bettors will enter the numbers one by one until they are satisfied with their decision and then place the bet.

While some people are quick to decide what numbers to include in their entry, some people had a hard time choosing what digits to play. Fortunately, Singapore Pools included a Quick Pick option where the decision to choose the numbers are being given to the computer system. The system will draw a random combination of numbers to include in an entry.

How to Play Quick Pick?

Playing Quick Pick Toto is easy and very convenient and you can do this in just a few clicks. Here are some of the few steps in playing Quick Pick lotto in Singapore TOTO.

In the homepage of the official website of Singapore Pools, choose TOTO and select Quick Pick in the menu in the left side of the page. Then you can choose from the two options available to play for Quick Pick.

The option Quick Pick by Bet Type allows the bettors to place the number of boards they wish to place their bets according to the bet type.

Meanwhile, the option Quick Pick by Bet Amount allows the bettors to place a number of bet amounts and the system will automatically generate a number of bets based on the bet type.

When done, you can now choose the number of draw days you want to play the system-generated numbers. You can select from a single day, two days or four days of lottery draw. You can also click Clear All to delete the selections and start from the beginning.

Select the Add to Bet Slip to place your bets then click Accept. Finally, you can go to Transaction History to check your bets.

Benefits of QP

It is common among bettors to be indecisive when it comes to choosing what numbers to play, luckily, they can choose Quick Pick for random numbers.

One of the advantages of Quick Pick is that it is fast and it is for people who don’t have time to think about what numbers to choose to play. Also, due to the randomness of QP bets, the game is much more fair and inexpensive.

Final Words

Toto and 4d Singapore lottery are popular gambling games in Singapore and it allows players to have a chance to win huge prizes. Quick Pick bets allow players who don’t have time to enter their numbers fast and play a fair lottery.