What is Baccarat? Basic knowledge of history, rules, and strategy, the standard of Baccarat!

Baccarat is a rule of thumb that the sum of 2 or 3 cards is “9” as the highest point. Its origins are from Italy in the Middle Ages. “Baccarat” is Italian for “0”. The game of Baccarat originated in France and Italy from 1470 to 1498 and is a popular gambling card game in Rand Casinos in Europe and South America.

Multiplayer is possible from one player. Baccarat (บาคาร่า) is a game that predicts the winner between the player and the banker. The dealer proceeds with the baccarat game. This article introduces the basic knowledge, history, and origins of Baccarat,

About the history of Baccarat

Baccarat started in France and Italy in the 15th century (1470–1498), became popular in European casinos, and it was in the mid-19th century that the current rules of Baccarat were completed. Since then, it has become a main casino flagship game along with roulette in European casinos. After the mid-20th century, it became popular in the United States and became the current casual style of Baccarat.

About the basic rules of Baccarat

cards are made up of 52 cards (Deck/deck of cards) excluding the joker, and if the sum of the cards is close to 9, you win. A is “1”, 2 to 9 are numbers as they are, and 10 to J, Q, K are all counted as 0. For example, if the total number is 15, it is calculated as “5” in the lower digit. To increase your win rate, first, understand the baccarat formula (สูตรบาคาร่า) accurately!

  • The banker and the player receive two cards each.
  • If either side gets 8 or 9 points, the side closest to 9 wins.
  • If the player’s score is 6-7, the 3rd card is not dealt.
  • If the player’s score is five or less, the 3rd card is dealt.
  • The banker draws a 3rd card on one of the following:
  • In the case of 3, if the banker has five or fewer points, the 3rd card is drawn.
  • In the case of 4, if the banker has two or fewer points, the 3rd card is drawn.
  • In the case of 4, if the banker is not 3 points & the player’s 3rd 8 points, the banker’s 3rd card is dealt.
  • In the case of 4, if the banker is 4 points & the player’s 3rd 2-7 points, the banker’s 3rd card is dealt.
  • In the case of 4, if the banker is 5 points & the player’s 3rd 4-7 points, the banker’s three cards are dealt.
  • In the case of 4, the banker gets 6 points, and if the player’s 3rd 6-7 points, the banker 3rd card is dealt.
  • At 4 o’clock, if the banker has 7 points, the banker’s 3rd card is not accepted.

Baccarat is a game in which the one with the closest total of “9 points” divided into “Banker” and “Player” wins.

Baccarat Odds

Aside from the tie (draw), some people generally think that the banker player’s win rate is 50% each, but a more accurate probability would be an 8-deck banker 50.68%: player 49.32%. In likelihood, the banker’s side has a higher win rate.


After all, the reality is that there is no such thing as a win-win method in Baccarat. Of course, there are exceptions for people like the genius gambler Phil Ivey, but please be aware that many people cheat with the “baccarat win method.” Ultimately, it’s a game of luck, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways to increase your odds of winning. With baccarat odds and baccarat strategy, we want you to be the closest player to victory.

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