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What are the different types of Circuit Breakers?


What is circuit breaker? How it work? How many types of circuit breaker? What is advantage of circuit breaker? Why we need circuit breaker?  I know that maximum of you don’t know about these question but after reading this article you will be able to answer these question and also will install circuit breakers. We can’t imagine our life without electricity especially when this modern time. We need electricity in our every work. As electricity is supply by battery or other source so we must control it if any fault occur it will cause damage or may be death also. Therefor ad life is very precious we must use different protection devices to protect ourselves and our appliances too. For this purpose circuit breaker is widely used.

What is circuit breaker?

As its name indicates that it will break circuit but when it will break? It will break circuit when current in the circuit exceed from its normal we can say circuit breaker is a safety device that protect user from shocks and damage during short circuit and over electronics and electrical work many mishaps takes place but when we install circuit will control over loaded current and reduce risk of damage and work for electricity and just like to work of heart of human.

Why we use circuit breaker?

We use circuit breaker due to following reason: it control over loaded bears it is safety device so it protect user from shocks and is design to protect from overloaded current when value of current exceed from the normal value it will trip and brake circuit so no current will pass and our appliances will remain safe .its function of to on. Of the circuit during normal and serious situation

Types of circuit breaker:-

There are many types of circuit breaker like types of flowers. We will discuss one by one all of them .and I will explain use and rating of few of we classify things on  the basis of something in the same way we also classify circuit breaker on the basis of voltage. There are two types of circuit breaker on the basis of voltage: Low voltage circuit breaker and high voltage circuit breaker and these both have further subtypes and perform there on work .first of all I will discuss low voltage circuit breaker.

Low voltage circuit breaker:-

As the name indicates that it is the type of circuit breaker which has use of low voltage. The voltage which it uses for working is one thousand volt. it is very famous and has numerous is used at domestic, industrial, commercial is simple to use .it has further sub types which are following:-


MCB Stands for miniature circuit is type of circuit breaker whose rating value is from twenty ampere to hundred amperes it is mostly used in our homes and outside also.


MCCB stands for molded case circuit is a type of circuit breaker whose rating value is up to thousand. Working of mcb and mccb is same but little difference which they have is mcb rating is just hundred amperes but mccb rating is up to thousand and rating of mcb is fixed but rating of mccb can be changed from thousand to eight hundred and so own.


ELCB stand for earth leakage circuit is very important circuit breaker which is widely used in our has connection with earth and ground when there is leakage of current in earth it detects it and brake circuit. When we touch it will trip or break so no current will flow and we remain safe as we stood on earth. Its rating varies from hundreds to thousands in bazar it is available in different ratings.


RCCB stands for residual current circuit has very important function in protecting us from electric shocks and over loaded current. It’s rating is from hundreds to thousands.

High voltage circuit breaker:-

As the name tell us that it is a type of circuit breaker whose rating value is very high mean ir use high voltage. Its rating value is up to seventy two thousands.


Vcb stands for vacuumed circuit uses vacuumed as insulating material during short circuit and over loaded current. Its voltage capacity to from eleven thousands to thirty three thousands It is very useful due to high voltage and easy to maintain.


It is oil circuit breaker in this oil is used as insulating material between circuit wires. Its voltage capacity to from thirty three thousands to sixty six is used in outdoor has further two types mocb and bocb. BOCB stands for bulk oil circuit breaker in this large amount of oil is use for protection from short circuit and over loaded current but it has one disadvantage due to high concentration of when it come in contact with current it will cause fire in the circuit. And other type MOCB stands for minimum oil circuit breaker so it will use small amount of oil and protect from fire problem.


It stands for sculpture hexafluoride circuit is very useful and now days very famous because fluorine is very good gas and has high capacity yo reduce has  highest voltage range from thirty three  to two hundred twenty kilo is cheap and easy to use and maintain.


It stands for air circuit breaker and has rating up to seventy five thousand .it is easy to handle and large space is a require due to air .it is used for safety of plants ,electrical machinery and circuit etc. Now question will arise what is the price of all these circuit breaker.

Price of circuit breaker:-

There prices vary according to their voltage and current capacity as current capacity is mention on1the circuit breaker as 5C,10C,63C etc. these are the current carrying value 5C circuit breaker break circuit when current exceed from five. Its price is four hundred in market and in the same way prices vary according to their voltage and current capacity.


As these circuit breaker provide safety and protection to us and also to our how appliances and these are very cheap as everyone can buy it .so you should purchase these from markets to save yourself .I tried to best to convey you all about circuit breaker if you like mention it in your comment and purchase it .thank you

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