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What Are The Best Indoor Gym Shoes For Autumn Classes?

Well, summer is over and whilst it was fun whilst it lasted, we now find ourselves returning indoors, and for those who find themselves returning to indoor workouts and the gym we are breaking down our top indoor gym shoes for autumn 2021.

Whilst we note that gym shoes for each season may not necessarily be feasible, you should note that an appropriate shoe for each type of workout and terrain can genuinely make all the difference in enhancing your performance and avoiding injury.

So if you find yourself struggling to justify the cost of a new pair of workout shoes, our top tip is to shop around and be sure when buying shoes you look for online discount codes such as an Adidas or Nike promo code.

(We always say if you see “Enter promo code” here at checkout, there’s a valid discount code out there that you’ve just not discovered yet).

Understanding The Difference

​​If you do a mixed workout at the gym (weights, short bursts of cardio), HIIT classes or functional fitness classes such as CrossFit, you should wear shoes designed for that purpose, rather than typical running shoes. These shoes are known as training shoes or cross-training shoes to help you to perform better and prevent injury.

Training shoes are designed for multidirectional movement rather than the forward motion of running. Compared with running shoes, they generally have a denser, firmer midsole rather than the thick, bouncy cushioning of a running shoe.

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For Running

Adidas Running Ultraboost

When it comes to a sensible running shoe, you can rely on reebok. The ultra boost is perfect for long and easy runs; although it’s not the lightest of shoes, you can also use it for faster runs thanks to the responsive Boost foam.

This makes it an excellent option for beginners and those starting your marathon training early this autumn.

For Training

Reebok Nano X1 Les Mills

Reebok’s Nano sneakers have everything you want in a gym shoe or cross-trainer: a flat sole for multidirectional movement, mesh upper for a cooling feel, and a flexible, responsive outsole that’s ideal for high-intensity interval training.

For Cycling

Tiem Slipstream Cycle Sneaker

Any experienced cyclist will tell you if you genuinely want to get the best out of your ride, it’s time you invest in clip-in cycling sneakers. Unlike regular shoes, you can get more power out of each spin of the wheel—not to mention that climbing hills become way less of a laborious task when your feet are locked into the bike.

Tiem’s Slipstream sneaker is popular among indoor cyclists of all levels and features a seamless slip-in design and breathable mesh toe box.

Another few honourable mentions:

  • On Cloudflye​​r
  • Reebok Floatride Run 2.0
  • Asics Gel-Kayano 27
  • Asics Dynablast
  • Brooks Glycerin 18

Overall, the shoe really can make all the difference to your workout or training. So shop around, see what style and support will work best for the activity you have in mind – and get out there!