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What Are Antiques?

What are Antique jewellery? Simply put, these are the items of jewellery that were made over a century ago, and are considered to be antiques. Jewellery is a unique collection of stones, beads, metal and sometimes even wood that is used to accentuate a piece of clothing. If you’re thinking about selling or trading your jewellery then it’s important that you know what to look out for so that you don’t end up getting scammed.

History of the jewellery

A very important thing to do when buying jewellery is to know the history of the piece. If possible go into some jewellery shops and see if they have any records on the history of the piece. This can be found in many cases with a certificate of authenticity, or it may even be part of a set of documents that allows you to prove the piece is an original. According to carus jewellery, it is also very important that you check that there is not a mark of wear on the jewellery. If you do find a mark, it should not be worn and it should be near the centre. If you find this, then it is most likely an original and it is very valuable.

What are antiques?

Many people assume that antiques are only old jewellery but this is not true. Antiques can be modern jewellery, particularly silver, gold and diamond pieces. The older pieces will probably be more valuable due to their age, and also because jewellers can get better at making these pieces. Many jewellers will work with you to get a better value for the piece. If you have jewellery that you want to sell you can use these pieces as bargaining chips to get a better price.

You may find a piece of jewellery in a shop, or may be offered it on someone’s doorstep. If this does happen and you accept it, then what are antiques? Well, this type of jewellery is usually not worth any money but you can try to sell it at a higher price to a jeweller. It may have sentimental value to you and the shopkeeper may pay you more for it.

Antique’s net worth

What are antiques if they are not worth any money? If the piece is in a better condition than it appears to be it may have a higher value than it would if the ornament was still in its working condition. There are many old jewellery boxes that have been passed down through generations and are just as good as new. Old jewellery can be found in many different situations. A family heirloom jewellery box may be just as valuable as a modern jewellery item.


As well as what are antiques? You can also search the internet for antiques or antique jewellery. You can also find out about antiques from other people on the internet who may have some extra information on their pieces. Antiques can make any room look elegant and you will love how you feel when you add an old piece to your room.


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