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Want to Be a Teacher’s Pet in a Good Way? Try These 5 Tips and Tricks!

While it is true that teachers love all of his or her students, there are one or two students in the class who seem to be his or her apple of the eye. Most of the time, these students are the ones that were always complimented and praised. Sometimes, these students also receive high grades if compared to the rest of the class. On the other hand, if you are not a teacher’s pet, most likely, he or she will be not so considerate with your needs, or at worst, you will annoy him or her easily.

To become a teacher’s pet, you will have to do things that will amaze your teacher. Things that will most likely make him or her think that you are adorable or is worthy of giving some attention in class. However, these things are probably not yet familiar to you. Sometimes, you might think that you are doing the right thing, but the truth is, you are doing the exact opposite. Do not worry because, in this blog, we will tell you 5 tips and tricks on how to become your teacher’s most favorite student in the class.Read more about Tamilmv

1. Be extra punctual when submitting your assignments

If you are familiar with the quote “Honesty is the best policy”, the other thing goes around the classroom. Most of the time, “Punctuality is the best policy”, especially if your teacher is kind of strict in imposing deadlines in your assignments. Believe it or not, your teacher will look at you as an ideal student if you show punctuality in any tasks. Also, aside from being punctual, it will be an additional point for you if you also tried your best to lessen the stress that your teacher is experiencing while checking hundreds of paper works. During this online learning setup, you can lessen the miscellaneous works of your teacher by making sure that your assignments are in pristine condition. To do that, make sure to convert your paper reports from Word to PDF. If you do not know, submitting an assignment in PDF form will assure you that your assignment’s layout is preserved. Thus, coupled with punctuality, you will surely be one of your teacher’s favorites if you do these things!

Be attentive and hard working for the first two weeks of school

This might sound a little more challenging than the first tip but one way to be a teacher’s pet is actually to hork ward for it. Sometimes, you have to go through the process and show your teacher that you are worthy of being noticed. Moreover, if you give your best during the first week, your first impression of the teacher will last. You do not have to be the smartest kid in the class. What you need to show is just you are willing to learn and you are attentive to every detail and story that your teacher is telling you.

Laugh at your teacher’s joke

Whether we admit it or not, most of the teachers cannot make other people laugh naturally. Their humor sucks and no one would ever laugh at it in an instant. However, if you want to be your teacher’s favorite, you have to show him or her that you two have the same vibes and humor. You have to show that you are getting all of his jokes and you genuinely find it funny. Believe us, if you do this, your teacher will be the first one to greet you in the hallways.

Just be polite

It might sound obvious but in today’s generation, most of the teachers are complaining because their students somehow forgot the value of respect. All of your teachers deserve to feel that they are respected by their students and if you are the first one to demonstrate that quality, he or she will surely favor you in the long run. No one would not be able to love a student that is extremely courteous and respectful.

Be casual when your teacher is talking to you

When your teacher finally approaches you for a good talk, try your best to look calm and casual. You do not want her to think that you are not comfortable when talking to him or her. Aside from being polite, you have to show your teacher that you are the type of student that is worthy of having a fruitful conversation with. This will also pave the way for a healthier student-teacher relationship and hopefully, in the long run, you may also establish a friendship with him or her.

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In a Nutshell

Whether we admit it or not, we sometimes want our teacher to look onto us as an adorable student. We sometimes wish that we could be the teacher’s pet or favorite. But to do that you have to do a couple of things and you have to show some good attributes. You should not forget to give your teacher a thanksgiving gift, you should be attentive and hard-working,  you should laugh at your teacher’s jokes, you should be polite, and last but not the least, you should establish good communication with him or her. With these tips, we can assure you that you will be the apple of your teacher’s eye!

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