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Twenty Montreal is a Canadian Brand of Luxury

Founded in 2001, Twenty Montreal is a luxury knitwear label from Canada. The company uses exclusive luxury fabrics to create stunning silhouettes and pieces. The brand pioneers knit trends and focuses on the effect of fabrics and design. The line is refined and forward-thinking, and is made in a state-of-the-art, 100% vertical mill. The clothing is lightweight and comfortable and will be the perfect complement to any active lifestyle.

Twenty Montreal:

The designer of Twenty Montreal is David Helwani, a Toronto native who grew up in a knitwear mill. He went to law school, and then left the music industry. Upon graduation, he returned to Montreal and had an idea to make clothes for the masses. Helwani and his family began working together on the company’s first line, Twenty Tees. His background in fine knitwear and exotic fibers was essential to the brand’s success.

Edgy sophistication:

The brand was founded in 2009 in Montreal. The company’s founder, David Helwani, was educated in the art of luxury knitwear. His designs are an homage to the classics while edgy sophistication makes the collection timeless. Helwani is a designer who pays attention to every detail and innovates the meaning of luxury knitwear. It is truly a brand that celebrates luxury and design.

Luxury knitwear:

With a strong background in luxury knitwear, David Helwani is continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary design and revolution. The company is constantly reinventing the power of knitwear and is a Canadian brand of luxury. The brand’s designers are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in design and innovation, making Twenty Montreal a pioneer in both design and luxury. Its clothing is a must for any woman’s wardrobe.

The company was founded in Montréal in 2009. Founder David Helwani has been a designer since his teenage years. Using his knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, he has redefined the concept of luxury knitwear. The brand’s products are both innovative and luxurious. The company is known for its high quality, upscale fabrics and premium yarn. These qualities make Twenty Montreal an exceptional choice for women.

The brand is a leader in knitwear. Founded by David Helwani, the company redefines the power of knitwear and creates a new category of apparel. The Canadian brand’s heritage in fashion and luxury fashion is evident in the brand’s designs. It has worked with numerous designers to develop its own distinctive styles. A major selling point for the brand is its unique heritage in luxury knitwear.

As a Canadian luxury knitwear brand:

Twenty Montreal is a leader in the luxury knitwear market. Founded by David Helwani, the brand is a family-owned circular knitting factory and has trademarked the terms “3D Active wear” and “Hyper Reality Knit.” The company’s expertise in creating innovative products has led to the company’s success. In addition to their expertise in knitwear, Twenty Montreal also produces high-quality garments at reasonable prices.

The brand began with a ten-acre knitting factory in Montreal. The business now employs more than 150 people in a modern headquarters. Despite being based in Montreal, Twenty Montreal is one of the largest companies in the world. Their mission is to redefine the role of knitwear in fashion. The company also has a global presence, with an estimated 70,000 square feet of knitwear production. This makes it a unique luxury Canadian active wear line.

Hyper Reality Knit:

The brand has a rich history in knitting and is a luxury active wear company. In 2012, the company introduced “Hyper Reality Knit,” a 3-dimensional fabrication method that allows the brand to replicate patterns with pinpoint precision. This innovation allowed the company to redefine the possibilities for knitwear, offering a new level of quality and innovation. In this way, the brand continues to innovate in its apparel business.


The brand is based in Montreal, but has expanded its operations throughout Canada. The company is headquartered in Toronto, and specializes in menswear and womenswear. It is also a leading supplier of textile materials and supplies. Among its partners are Helmut Lang, Elie Tahari, and Alice + Olivia. Its mission is to bring luxury, comfort, and style to the world.

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