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Traveling tips to UAE; make your tour safe and wonderful with these uncommon tips. 

Have you ever met someone who plans to travel the world but does not want to visit UAE? It is impossible. UAE is the hub of the middle east, and every traveler wishes to be there once in their life. It is the new LA, having all the facilities and commercial areas. You can buy the best products and shop from the world-famous brands in UAE. It is known to be a heaven for the rich. 

However, there are a few things that might need to be understood before taking off to UAE. You might be surprised to know that some of the biggest cities in UAE do not have public transport, such as Sharjah. There one has to call for the rent a car Sharjah to move around in the city. You can either book a taxi for a day to travel. 

Along with it, there are several queer things, like the limitations on foods and dresses. All this might make you feel bad, but these are quite minor issues, and the bigger picture is very different. People of the UAE are way more welcoming; local items, food, and other entertainments are almost free there. 

So if you want to enjoy your trip to UAE, do consider the following tips. 

Keep your Visa with you. 

You might not need to do it when in a European country, but in UAE, the travelers are supposed to keep all their records with them due to security reasons. It is for the traveler’s safety, too; you never know when the authorities will ask you to share your details.

Wear full clothes 

In UAE, one should do what the locals are doing. It is a better way to connect with the people and to experience the culture there. You should not wear short skirts or revealing clothes. It upsets the people there, and you should not be an offender. It will be quite unintentional, and most of the time, people feel hurt when someone calls them out. 

Another reason for wearing full clothes is to avoid sun damage. The more your skin would be cover the better it will be. UAE and its neighboring countries are hotter than one can think. Therefore, it will be wise not to wear revealing clothes. 

Hire a car on rent 

This is a norm for the travellers in middle east and UAE, in many major cities of UAE, like Sharjah, you will not get to travel through public transport, as in many regions they do not have this facility. Thus the travelers are bound to get cars on rent. 


Due to currency difference the local sellers in Bazars of UAE thinks that the foreigners can easily afford expensive things. But you should not waste your money. Bargaining is a norm in middle eastern countries like Egypt and UAE, you should not feel shy at it. Always try to negotiate before purchasing a local item. 

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