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Top 6 Football Teams With the Biggest Fanbase

The list of top soccer clubs on the planet Right Now is given below. Clubs’ TV Viewership and Sponsor deals make Club popular. The Club’s rankings are based on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Another factor of the Club’s popularity is the Football Club Jersey, and the team’s awards and cups are the most essential. The most significant base in the globe was Real Madrid and Barcelona. Also, in the world, there are only two teams with over 200 million followers. So let’s just check top 6 clubs and these fanbase.

Social media is the world’s biggest communications platform. Real Madrid is the world’s most successful team. One hundred million Instagram followers will soon hit real Madrid; Real Madrid already has 99.5 million followers. Barcelona has 97.5 million followers following Real Madrid. Football clubs have been increasingly popular on social media in recent years. So look now at the world’s top six football clubs.

1. Real Madrid:

Real Madrid is without any doubt the world’s most famous Spanish Club. Real Madrid has the the biggest football fan base. While the club’s history is impressive, Real Madrid is also one of the most successful in soccer teams. Real Madrid has won 10 European crowns and a lot of unique trophies. And Most Lal Lifga Titles was won by the team. Moreover, with 42.35 % of the voting, Real Madrid won the 20th Century FIFA Club. Real madrid now currently have services of players link Thibaut Courtois, Dani Carvajal, Éder Militão and Nacho. Stay updated with all Real Madrid matches on soccer portals such as pirlotv. Real Madrid’s social media is also popular, and the team’s social media followers are the most.

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 99.5 million users.

Facebook has 111 million users.

Twitter has 37.5 million users.

Youtube has a total of 6.52 million subscribers.

2. Barcelona:

Right now, Barcelona is the second most popular football club in the world. Barcelona’s best forwards are Neymar, Suarez. They helped Barcelona in winning numerous big trophies. Barcelona has won the Champions League, Copa Del Ray, La Liga, the Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup. Barcelona is the second most followed team on social media, after Real Madrid.

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 97.5 million users.

Facebook has 103 million users.

Twitter has 36.9 million users.

11.8 million subscribers on YouTube

3. Manchester United:

Manchester United, based in Old Trafford, England, is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. It has been one of the most successful clubs in recent years. Manchester United failed to qualify for the Champs League for the second time in three years. Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a new contract with United, and he will be back in red on September 11th. Want to get real-time updates? Watch soccer matches online! United’s Red Kit is a Football fan’s favorite and one of the most popular dresses globally. The team is ranked third among the most popular football clubs in the world. Manchester United also won the FIFA World Cup in 2008.

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 41 million users.

Facebook has 73 million users.

Twitter has 32.7 million users.

4.08 million subscribers on YouTube

4. Juventus:

In previous seasons, Juventus won the Italian Championship four times in a row. While Juventus has won the Italian championship 36 times, it is twice as many as the second most successful team. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most famous athlete, joined Juventus in 2018 after leaving Real Madrid. In previous years, Juventus’s fan base has grown significantly. And the team rises to become the world’s fourth most famous club. Juventus has won the Intercontinental Champions Cup twice. Serie A will be starting from 11 September 2021 and

You can catch all the live action on

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 49.3 million users.

44 million users on Facebook

Twitter has 9.2 million users.

3.44 million subscribers on YouTube

5. Chelsea:

Chelsea is the world’s fifth most popular football club. Chelsea is a West London-based English Premier League football team. Chelsea is the current UEFA Champions League 2020-21 champion. The final match was between Manchester City and Chelsea, and Chelsea won the UEFA Champion League title. In addition, the squad won the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup.

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 27.3 million users.

Facebook has 49 million users.

Twitter has 17.1 million users.

2.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube

6. Paris-Saint-German:

Paris-Saint-Germans has plenty of current-generation stars, like Neymar, K MBapp, and others. PSG stands for Paris Saint-Germain. After leaving Barcelona in 2017, Neymar Jr joined Paris-Saint-German. It was the costliest transaction, worth €222 million. PSG also signed Kylian Mbappe the same year. PSG finished second in the UEFA Champions League 2019-20 season, losing to Bayern Munich in the finals. Now Legend player Lionel Messi left Barcelona and Joined hands with PGS.

Followers on Social Media

Instagram has 35.8 million users.

42 million users on Facebook

Twitter has 9.1 million users.

3.03 million subscribers on YouTube