Today’s Woman Fact Which Motives The Empowerment In Many Degrees

Sports have been around for a thousand years. Women, specifically, have taken part in sports since the 19th century. Women were leaned more towards archery, horseback riding, golf, etc. In the 1904 summer Olympics, only archery was available for women to participate in. Since then, according to 먹튀검증, the world has come a long way for female athletes as they now participate in almost all the sports as men, be it football, basketball or tennis, etc.

There are certain obstacles only the female players are used to facing. For example, research shows male players earn almost 100% more than female players. This is just a glimpse of how most female athletes are treated compared to male athletes. Female athletes are not given much coverage. It is also part of the reason why they are not as well paid as the male players.

Big names like Serena Williams have created a place for themselves in the arena mostly full of male athletes. But even then, she had to face unwanted remarks. Williams was pregnant when she won the 2017 Australian open. This is another aspect of being a woman that should be taken into account. She took maternity leave only after winning the title, which says a lot about how she sees a game and its importance. Serena Williams has the grandest slam wins, even after including male players in the list. Another big name on the female athlete list would be Kayla Harrison. A world champion judoka with big titles in her bag of achievements. But one of her biggest challenges would be to be sexually assaulted by her former coach when she was thirteen years of age. Kayla has been outspoken about how it left a scar in her life and affected a girl. Despite the abuse, Kayla has continued her journey and is a two-time gold medalist in the judo Olympics. She currently has 11 wins in the MMA record book.

A strong voice has the power to knock down discrimination, build self-confidence from within a person, and make someone realize their self-worth. Female athletes like Serena Williams (tennis player), Wilma Rudolph (sprinter), Lindsey Vonn (skier), Ronda Rousey (wrestler), etc. send messages to everyone all around the world that being a woman does not diminish one’s chances of dreaming or wanting to achieve more incredible things in life. They are living proof that even in an unfair society, a girl can dream of being great. Female athletes are always making sure that gender equality is implemented. They are speaking and performing against gender-based discrimination. By challenging the norms, it is evident that trying to defeat the stereotype normalizes women in sports. Both the male and female communities should enjoy sports like any other platform.

Sport is a medium to showcase one’s true passion. To be confident and realize one’s self-worth. Especially in a male-dominated society, it is often difficult to navigate through life. Sport empowers women because it creates an opportunity for them to flourish and live a confident life. It makes them leaders, great team players, both in the field and at home around their family. It is crucial to have self-awareness.

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