Monday, December 4, 2023
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Tips to safe online slot machines gambling in Canada

Online slots machines like Irish Eyes Slots are popular all over the world, from Australia, across Asia and Europe, right over to the United States and Canada.

The content is sophisticated and entertaining, and the prizes have grown increasingly lucrative. It’s no surprise that it’s a global market that grows year on year, and is predicted to be worth £150 billion by 2023.

Using online slots safely in Canada

As stated above, an increasing number of people the world over are using online casinos, signing up and depositing funds into their e-wallets. This is no different in Canada. Online gambling is a common and popular past-time, yet not enough people put in the research required to understand the risks involved.

Thankfully, in Canada, the online gambling market is fairly liberal when compared to other countries. Because of this, more and more online casinos are springing up vying for clicks. With enticing welcome packages and the promise of lucrative bonuses, it’s no surprise when people sign up with their personal data and start depositing money.

However, some of these online casinos offer no help or assistance for the players for whom they are responsible in case something goes wrong. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of each Canadian to do their research before handing over any sensitive information.

It’s fundamental that online gamblers inform themselves of the consequences of potentially rogue sites, before depositing their hard-earned money into an online casino’s account.

So what can Canadians do in order to further protect themselves from the risks involved with online gambling?

  •       Avoid alcohol and / or other substances while gambling online – when you’re gambling, avoid drinking excess alcohol. You need to be making decisions with a clear head, and alcohol will inhibit you from doing so. What’s more, alcohol can give gamblers a misguided sense of overconfidence when betting with large sums of money. This might be money that you simply cannot afford to lose 
  •       Watch out for hidden fees when signing up to a site – tedious though it may seem, you’ll thank yourself in the long-run for reading all the small-print / terms and conditions. Many gamblers suffer the frustration of hidden costs and fees to play each game, or for withdrawing cash, just because they’ve hurriedly agreed to the Ts & Cs without having first read them 
  •       Know how the games work before playing – one of the most common mistakes a gambler can make is not knowing how to play before betting money. You’re ten times more likely to throw your money away if you don’t know the game than if you’re well practiced on it, so make use of the free demos and learn it inside out! 
  •       Set a budget and time limits – each gambler will have different financial limits and varying stretches of time they can play. However, if you’re new to gambling, set a timer at 30 minutes and analyse your finances, and how much you’ve spent. Never wager more than what you’ve set aside previously 
  •       Never chase losses – if you lose a chunk of money, never keep gambling to win it back. You’ll go over budget and start eating into money you need elsewhere, like your mortgage or rent money, or funds set aside for food
  •       Don’t gamble when you’re upset or stressed – as stated before, gambling should be fun, and done with a clear head. Being angry, stressed, or upset will blur your judgement and affect your level of play.