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Tips and tricks for beginners to improve your gameplay in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, a video strategy game which was launched and developed by Supercell. Players will build buildings on a certain range of independent maps for resources collection and storage, products for army production, research, such as gold, elixir or gems. Player can join many clans or in groups of up to fifty people with them they can plan in Clan Wars together. You can chat together in Clan wars or can donate troops to each other.

Here is the list of tips and tricks for any newbie to improve gameplay in Clash of Clans.

1. Clan Castle:

The first that you should build is Clan castle. It going to be a little broken structure off to the side. This will cost 10,000 gold to build. You will probably have to build or upgrade your gold storages to fit 10,000 gold. But it is fine upgrade them getting the game are relatively short. So the reason you want to upgrade this because you will get the ability to request for the troops and you can basically get troops for your clan mates and what this allows you do is, it allows you to defend your base better as well. It helps you grade other bases. It adds social aspect to the game such as you can join different clan and chat with other people as well as you can war.

2. Spend your Gems early on:

Gems are basically the paid currency of the game this is how big game makes money some people will play free but some people will put money in the game but number one tip is to save them. You will have feature in the game that is called Builders these are little creatures that will upgrade your existing structures and build new structures. When you put the new building through an upgrade it will prompt you to basically do it with the gems but my advice is doing not do that and be patient. why because you want to save up to get as many of these builder huts as possible. When you have the more builders you will be able to build more buildings at the same time. You will need to set those builders as the way you can progress through the game as fast as possible

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3. Get gems

You can do that by destroying these little structures outside like the trees the trunks and the stones that ate around the base as well as doing the in game challenges. For that press in the top left of the little blue sign here you will find all new challenges. these in game challenges will help you to earn gems. One other option to earn more gems is by community events you can click on the flag option and can find different community events from which you can earn Gems. By these gems you can unlock pretty cool features in the game.

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4. Play single player

Please single player missions a lot doing these missions do not take away your Shield and basically if you get attacked you will get a little bit of barrier in protection from other players for a certain. of time. Doing single player missions is a great way to get acquainted with attacking and just get some pretty e easy loot without losing your shield.

5. Have the mind set

One thing that as a new player is like I have you have to deal with that as you are progressing through. Whenever you lose you can get kind of upset with yourself. you will be questioning your strategy like where did I go wrong why did I fail or like the other person is better than me. Relax winning and losing is part of the game it’s OK to lose. Understand the best way to learn and Watch your replays. or watch other people play in this way you can get a better understanding what went wrong and what actually goes right in the game.

6. Trophies don’t matter

The most common question is what is the point of trophies. Trophies are basically do get loot bonuses by being in a certain League. Leagues don’t really matter until you’re in the higher Town Hall. Relax and just play the game for fun.

Clash of Clan is a strategy game and for that the players will have to be online for a long period, which might cause your phone to stuck if you have a low end phone. You may get tired of the ever draining battery life of phones and cannot cope with that. For that LDPlayer fixes every problem. LDPLayer is a lightweight android emulator for your hustle free gaming.

LDPlayer have the following features:

  • LDPlayer is easy and quick to install.
  • It was made for mostly low end PC.
  • There is a wide range of customization in Clash of Clans and you can customize your controls too or even resolution, GPU or else,
  • Multitasking is the key feature of LDPlayer.
  • Along with key mapping and other amazing features, LDPlayer have a unique and simple interface which is good for many users.

Here are the minimum specs required for LDPlayer.

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  • OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • CPU Intel/AMD Dual-core processor
  • GPU OpenGL 2.0 up
  • RAM 2GB RAM/4GB RAM (recommended)
  • Disk 36GB
  • File Size 3MB


To sum up everything in this article. LDPlayer should be your number one choice when it comes to user friendly, reliability, privacy and hustle free experience. You can play Clash of Clans on PC easily on LDPlayer.

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