Friday, December 1, 2023
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Things you Must Know About Smart Light Bulbs

Everyone will have a common question: what smart light bulbs are. Or why do people call them smart, as they look like regular light bulbs? A smart light bulb is an LED light bulb that is internet capable and allows users to customize the lightning; it can be scheduled according to one’s choice and can be controlled with a remote.

These smart light bulbs are among the most immediately successful offerings in the growing category of homes and office automation and some of the other internet things of valuable products; this bulb also has various features that the user can customize.

They dim

One of the best and most essential features of smart light bulbs is that the user can dim them, and they do not have to install dimmer switches in the walls of their home; this will also enhance the look of homes. Instead, users have to screw a dimmable smart light bulb into their lamps, and they can dim or brighten them using the app of that smart bulb.

Selecting the correct dimmable bulb for homes is very easy as you have to visit a shop or any online store for bulbs, and there you have to select the smart light bulbs according to the look of your home; these bulbs will also help you to enhance the look of your home.

Bulbs can be controlled from anywhere

  • These smart light bulbs have scheduling features which let the users control the light when they are not home.
  • This is great for security purposes and an excellent option for you when you are on vacation, as your home will not look empty, so there will be no chance of thieves.
  • This also means that you can come to your home with a lit house without leaving your lights on, which will also save your house’s electricity.
  • Most smart light brands offer a hub of lights that can sync with all lights so you can control them together.

They also change colours

Mostly people dim the light to set a mood is fine but users can take it a step further with these smart bulbs. Many smart bulbs also can change colours. Some smart bulbs also produce a range of millions of colours. So you can select the exact colour that suits the type of your home and the texture of your walls.