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These Are The Best Men’s Oversized Watches From Diesel

Scroll through the wide selection of Diesel watches and one thing will be clear: they are some of the boldest, oversized watches around. True to what the Italian brand is known for, these timepieces don’t hold back on style, quality, and in this case, size. They boast a robust, industrial look—the kind any buff villain would wear in movies.

Anyone has a style and preference in terms of watches. While some prefer to keep it simple, others want to make a statement with bold, oversized pieces. But what’s the big deal with oversized watches, anyway?

What Counts As An Oversized Watch?

There’s no consensus as to what constitutes an oversized watch. But, when you see it, you would think that a sports watch measuring beyond 44mm is large as any dress watch larger than 40mm is. Factors like the thickness of the case and the width of the straps can contribute to the overall appearance of a watch, too.

Diesel watches range from 46mm to 57mm. In 2013, the brand introduced the Diesel GrandDaddy model, which is claimed to be the world’s largest wristwatch commercially available at the time. It measures 76mm in diameter and certainly looks large on the wrist. It houses four different chronograph movements, which can also serve as multiple time zone indicators.

The Reasons to Love Oversized Watches

Larger watches aren’t technically a new trend. But the recent stream of oversized watches has further pushed the demand for them in a way that’s never been seen in the history of watchmaking. There’s a sense of satisfaction that only wearing big watches can provide, and there are other good reasons why you should consider wearing one as well.

• Versatility

There’s a demand for oversized watches, particularly metal bracelet models, and it’s thanks to the fact that they can be worn with pretty much any outfit without looking out of place. They can be layered with other pieces of jewelry, too, and the result is a well-thought-out ensemble.

• Improved Functionality

The oversized watch trend has since settled down. However, today’s big faces watches know how to market themselves: they put that overly large displays to good use with the addition of functional sub-dial displays, but without them looking overcrowded.

• Practicality

Larger dials allow for larger displays, which make them easier to read. From a manufacturer’s point of view, oversized watches are also easier and more profitable to produce. They’re easier to maintain and service, too, because the mechanisms are not quite so small.

Overall, oversized watches are satisfying to wear. They offer a robust, more durable option while still allowing for touches of style and individuality.

The 4 Best Oversized Diesel Watches For Men

Ready to explore your options with oversized watches? Continue reading as we list our top 4 picks in oversized Diesel watches for men.

1.   Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Chronograph Quartz Silver Dial

The Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 is a line that features sensational-looking watches created to make a bold statement. This chronograph watch is no different with its 57mm diameter stainless steel case, silver-tone dial, and coordinating stainless steel bracelet. You could go down to smaller Diesel watch sizes, but why would you? Diesel makes their watches attention-grabbing in the first place.

2.   Diesel SBA Dual Time Chronograph Grey Dial Stainless Steel

It may look classic, but the Diesel SBA Dual Time Chronograph doesn’t fall short in terms of size and style. It sports a 61mm x 51 mm stainless steel case, grey pyramid-textured dial, and coordinating stainless steel straps. While it may have an understated look, its overall appearance has a pedigreed vibe that can match almost all styles of clothing.

3.   Diesel Only The Brave Chronograph Dual Time Zone Dial Brown Leather

Bold design, overly large dials, and wide straps make this Diesel watch stand out in more ways than one. It has a youthful fashion design with its grey pyramid-textured dial, gunmetal ion-plated stainless steel case, and calfskin brown leather straps. It has a dual time zone display for added functionality. True to its name, it’s something that “only the brave” would actually wear.

4. Diesel Uber Chief Quartz Black Dial Black Leather

This Diesel watch puts ‘uber’ in its name, so there’s no guessing as to what it’s about. With a staggering 62mm x 55 mm black ion-plated stainless steel case, it features a black dial and complementing black leather straps. It has gold-tone accents on the hands of an aviation-inspired crown guard.


It’s hard to imagine a watch style that’s bolder than that of Diesel. Such a fashion statement has allowed them to grow and attract a huge following, with fans constantly treated to new products from time to time.

Do you think an oversized Diesel watch is for you? Which of these watches appeal to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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