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The Indian cricket team has an aging problem.

We all know that cricket was derived from England centuries ago. However, South Asian countries own it like no other. People spend hours in front of the television when there is a cricket match. Streets get empty, and people stick to screens for updates. The emotional attachment of the public towards the game as well as the players is incomprehensible. The game is taken so seriously that people bet on cricket online from India. The retirement of players specifically for India becomes a problem for various reasons.

  1. The emotional attachment to the game: the love for cricket in the hearts of the players is so much alive that they can’t decide to quit the game. Additionally, to break the records and build a name in history is glorified. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is believed to delay his retirement to break a record.
  2. Popularity among fans: if we take Dhoni as an example. He seems to be immortal for an Indian cricket team. His fan following and eventually the pressure they give does not allow him to retire from the team.
  3. Financial reasons: cricket is famous, and people follow it blindly. With players having to stay in the team earns a great deal of money. Secondly, celebrity endorsements of brands into various products, for example, beverages, fast foods, cars, etc., help players earn an additional amount of money.

These reasons are enough for players to stay on the cricket team. Secondly, there is no decided legal age for the Indian cricket team by the board in which the players will be retired; hence the game keeps on going while the old players are not replaced by the new—considering that no matter how good of a player one is, there are always complications when you are aging. These concerns not only cause problems to the players but also to the teams. The performance doesn’t stay the same eventually.

Problems caused by aging players to the Indian team

  1. Health concerns for the aging cricketers: the stamina ultimately reduces when you are growing. Although, being a sporty person, the cricketers have a lot more than an average individual does, comparing players in their 20s to the player who is in his 40s differ vastly. With reduced stamina, the performance eventually decreases.

Secondly, exposure to sunlight for long hours can cause dehydration, making it difficult for the aged players to cope with.

Moreover, coping with mental health becomes complicated with age. For example, Virat Kohli opened up about his depression, which was due to personal reasons and the pressure of the team. But, with age, it becomes even worse, affecting the team’s overall performance as the focus diverts.

  1. Injuries during the game: bowlers are at the highest risk as the movements are repetitive. Fast bowlers using the wrong techniques may injure themselves. Secondly, wicket keepers and fielders may injure the incoming ball, such as strains and muscle tears. Nevertheless, these issues are not directly related to the aging cricketers. However, the problem arises when those cricketers are taking longer to recover. Additionally, as you age, you become more prone to diseases and injuries; hence, young and fit players are required with cricket matches lining up.


In the recent match of IPL, Ishant Sharma, aged 32, had left arm strain only after one match. Rohit Sharma, who is aged 34 years, couldn’t play the recent match against England as he was in quarantine, even though he was fit. Due to his age, he had to take extra precautionary measures. These events prove that age does matter and is becoming a problem in the Indian cricket team.

Without a doubt, the older cricketers have a name and much more experience than the younger ones. They know how to play and learn the relevant techniques. However, chances of loss increase with age. Secondly, as cricket is followed as a religion in India, hundreds of young and talented boys are waiting to be on the cricket team. Giving them a chance can be lucky and beneficial for the Indian team. Additionally, the drawbacks that the Indian cricket team is facing, such as illnesses and injuries that increase by age, can be resolved as well.

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