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The Best Golf Tips For Beginners

Work on your Grip. As your hands are the only contact between you and your club, your grip plays an important role in how you got the ball. There are three main grips people like to use. The interlock grip, the Vardon grip and the basbeball grip. Usually an expert or a well seasoned golfer will be able to point you in the right direction for your grip. Also, you can prefer trackman golf which helps to improve your golfing skills.

Just bear in mind it can take months to get used to using a certain grip and can feel slightly weird to begin with. But keep at it as it will make a world of difference.

Secondly take a look at the golf equipment you are using. As a beginner you are looking for the most forgiving golf clubs that have larger sweet spots on so that you hit straighter shots without worrying.

Getting certain clubs like blades irons or high lofted wedges may sound great but these are usually a lot harder to hit than cavity back irons and only reserved for more advanced players, but you are welcome to try.

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Thirdly is work on your short game. A lot of players like to hit long drives or excellent iron shots from the fairway but truth be told, the short game is where you will reduce your score.

By your short game we mean your putting and your chipping around the green. Reserving more time to practice your short game will really have an impact on your score and you will be sinking those 15ft putts in no time.

Number 4 is taking golf lessons. Now you can go onto the course and on the driving range as many times as you like, but if you are practicing using the wrong techniques then it is more harm than good.

Spending that extra money on lessons will make a big difference to your game and you will gain more from an hour than a couple of round of golf. So if your serious about golf then go and get yourself some lessons.

Lastly is the golf balls you are using. Now there are two schools of thought with this. Firstly if you are really struggling to hit the golf ball and are losing more than you would like then opt for the refurbished golf balls you can get. They are second hand but still in good condition and are a fraction of the price of new golf balls.

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So there you have a quick guide on golfing for beginners. Most of all enjoy yourself, have fun and stay consistent. Getting angry and frustrated is a part of golf but don’t let it effect your game. For any more information on Golf and Golf Equipment please check out The Golf Grange. Make sure to be updated with the latest golf news by checking various gof sites.