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Storage Shed Materials and Size Guide

Having an attic is one thing. But there will come a time where there will be a definite need to have additional storage. And that’s where storage sheds come in. Storage sheds will give you more than enough space to store more things in case your garage or attic is already overstuffed with furniture and other things you would want to keep. It doesn’t matter if it’s memorabilia, supplies for the pool, or even those random yard furniture you still want to keep.

Storage sheds might be a bit tough. Especially when it comes to the costs. But that’s where these storage shed kits come in. Here are some of the most important considerations you need to check before deciding to build one for your home that can meet your specific needs.

What type of Shed material to use

One of the most important decisions you could make at this stage is to check the specifics of what material you should use for the shed. There are prefabricated shed materials out there. And the type of material would dictate the range of the costs, what the overall strength will be, the level of maintenance, the longevity of the shed, and the overall quality of the build.

Once you have determined that part of the build, you’ll be able to move on to the type of build you would want.


The most common material used to make sheds are all made out of metal. You will be able to see examples of these on most of the homes all around. Perhaps even within your neighborhood. One reason for that is that they’re strong, but also very affordable.

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Sheds with this material help to keep the framing made out of steel for the walls and roof truss system. Then replace the metal panels and doors with vinyl. And obviously, the panels made out of vinyl will be resistant to all of the elements the metal panels won’t be.


For those that have a bit more budget to spend, high-end plastic materials are the way to go. This is because plastic sheds are constructed of a double-wall plastic wafer that is then pressed together while being reinforced with steel linings on the inside. These are surprisingly heavier than the other ones and so you can place and store heavier boxes with sheds made out of plastic.


For sheds that are mainly made out of wood, these should mostly fall around the same price points as that of the plastic-made sheds. It may cost a bit higher than that depending on the brand and quality.

There are plenty of companies out there that prefabricated wood shed kits that are already pre-cut and boxed up. These can be delivered to you directly for you to do your DIY build.

Know the Right Size of Shed

Storage sheds will come in a lot of different sizes from very small ones that are almost like boxes, small sheds to giant barn-like storage sheds. The most common size is of course 10×12. But of course, the sizes of the shed will mainly depend on the specific owner and use.

Small-sized Sheds

Let’s start with the tiny ones. Outdoor sheds are considered small when they are within the measurements of 60 square feet and below. These sizes will range from the smallest known ones from 4×4 to 8×8. These kinds of sheds are good for storing push mowers, lawn supplies as well as trash cans.

Medium-sized Sheds

The kinds of storage units that fall under this category will usually be within 70 to 100 square feet and below. This means that these types of sheds are around 8×10 to 10×12. So if you plan to have a shed where you can store large garden equipment like riding mowers, snowblowers, and any other bulky equipment, this is the best-sized shed for you.

Large-sized Sheds

And now we come to the big guns. These kinds of sheds would usually fall between 110 to 180 square feet. So that would be around 10×14 to 12×16. Large garden equipment and more are perfect for this size of a shed. That includes tractors, recreational vehicles, even ATVs.

Extra Large Sheds

Yup, there are also sheds in this category. These massive sheds go for about 190 square feet. That features a measurement of 12×10 up to 30×40. With that in mind, you will want this if you want a sort of garage or extra space for a workshop.

So what combination and type should you get?

In the end, it should all come down to what your current needs are. But also, think about the available space you have in your backyard. Think about the budget you have. It comes down to preference and your needs. Think about all these things and the points given in this guide. With all that, picking out the best storage shed for you.

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