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STEEL Supplements Pro-Pudding: The Game-Changing Protein Snack Everyone Will Love

Protein powders are known for their convenience and high nutritional value, but sometimes, the monotony of drinking a protein shake day-in and day-out can wear on you. STEEL Supplements recognized this issue, so they set out to make a protein-powered snack that both delivers results and tastes great. The result is Pro-Pudding.

A Closer Look at Pro-Pudding

Pro-Pudding is a casein-protein-based pudding mixture, intended to be the ideal between-meal or late-night snack. It is formulated to both maximize nutritional intake and deliver a great flavor that everyone—from experienced resistance trainees to even the pickiest of children—can love.

What’s in Pro-Pudding?

The main source of protein in Pro-Pudding is micellar casein.

Micellar casein is the highest-grade form of casein protein, a slow-acting milk-derived protein. Casein protein can sustain metabolism and muscle-building for hours after working out, decrease hunger pangs, quash cravings, and provide critical micronutrients—such as bone-friendly calcium and bioactive peptides that can lower blood pressure.

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Because of its slow-acting nature, casein protein won’t interrupt the performance of whey-based

protein powders and supplements. Casein protein is ideal to sustain protein release for longer periods (4-8 hours), which makes it the perfect pairing for quicker-acting whey protein (which is released into the body within 1-3 hours after eating).

Pro-Pudding also provides additional protein in the form of milk protein (a mix of casein, whey, and bioactive proteins) and egg albumen (egg whites), both of which provide quick-acting and highly bioavailable amino acids ideal for short-term muscle repair and recovery.

To deliver the thick consistency, Pro-Pudding uses shortening powder, waxy corn starch, and xanthan gum. Together, these three ingredients combine to deliver a texture on par with any pudding, but without the addition of unnecessary and low nutritional quality ingredients.

But no pudding is complete without a great taste! Pro-Pudding’s rich, luxurious flavors, from indulgent Raspberry Cheesecake to vacation-in-a-bowl taste with Key Lime Pie, there’s a flavor for every taste. The result is a truly delicious snack that is great any time of day, but which delivers optimum nutritional quality. No more sugary puddings or high-fat treats—with Pro-Pudding, it’s all about the protein intake needed to maintain an anabolic environment and accelerate post-workout recovery or supporting growing children who may not always be getting as much protein as their bodies demand.

Pro-Pudding Nutritional Facts

Every serving of Pro-Pudding provides:

  • 20 grams of protein
  • 120 calories
  • 2 g of fat
  • 375 mg of potassium (8% DV)
  • 5 g of carbohydrates
  • 0 g of sugar
  • 650 mg of calcium (50% DV)
  • 400 mcg of iron (2% DV)

Who is Pro-Pudding For?

Pro-Pudding is ideal for everyone, but it’s particularly useful for:

Children – That’s right, children will love Pro-Pudding. The supplement has been extensively taste-tested by both children and adults, with a formula that meets both parents’ desire to keep their children healthy and kids’ desires for sweet treats. Kids love Pro-Pudding because it tastes great and has the classic smooth, creamy pudding texture they love, without the unhealthy fillers and sugar.

Busy Professionals – Don’t have time to whip up a protein-rich meal in the middle of the work day or immediately following a workout? STEEL solved that problem! Pro-Pudding can be mixed up in a matter of seconds, in a blender, shaker, or even a cup. Not only does it deliver a hefty dose of amino acids (20 grams of protein per serving), but the thick texture and rich flavor is appetite-suppressing.

Snackers – Everyone gets the occasional craving for something sweet and tasty. Instead of turning to cookies, cakes, or real pudding, give the healthier alternative a try. Pro-Pudding has been created specifically for snackers who need a sweet treat but still want to stay healthy and stick with their diets. This protein-rich, zero-sugar protein mix is the diet-friendly option that can help anyone keep their cravings under control the healthy way.

Anyone Sick and Tired of Protein Powder – For anyone worn down by the same protein shakes every day, Pro-Pudding offers a brand new way to change things up. It’s smooth, creamy, and absolutely delicious no matter how it’s mixed up.

Pro-Pudding comes in six delicious flavors:

  1. Chocolate Marshmallow
  2. Key Lime Pie
  3. French Vanilla
  4. Raspberry Cheesecake
  5. Banana Cream
  6. Chocolate

It delivers a nutritionally-rich, great-tasting snack to satisfy any hunger pangs or cravings with just one serving.

For anyone who needs a game-changing approach to smarter, healthier snacking, give Pro-Pudding by STEEL Supplements a try today!