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Slots Machines RTP & RNG Explained 

Over the last one hundred years, it is insanely difficult to say that there has been any other casino gambling game that has been anywhere near as successful as slot machines, it just isn’t something you can really argue with. Sure, things like roulette and blackjack are always going to be pretty popular in the casino world, but even these bona fide gambling classics can’t compete with the runaway success of slot gambling, especially in the 21st century slot gambling world – there is simply no denying it! 

There are ultimately all kinds of reasons behind the success of slot machines over the last century, and a great deal of them are tied into the technological dominance of slots. For example, most casino games are nowhere near as complex as slots in terms of their mechanical makeup, and this can make them a lot less interesting. Have you ever wondered what RTP and RNG are in slots such as Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold slot? Keep reading for an article on slot machines RTP and RNG explained. 

What is RTP? 

Right then, first things first: what is RTP? Well, the simplest thing to say here is that RTP stands for Return To Player, and another way to say this would be player odds. Whereas most other casino games use the classic odds system, with slots RTP is preferred, mainly because it can give a more accurate example of the average amount that somebody can expect to win on a specific slot game. 

For example, RTP is typically given as a percentage with slots, and this percentage is an average approximation of the amount that a player can expect to win back from their overall wagering during a slots session. So, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, a player can realistically expect to win £96 from a £100 wager, although it can always be a lot more! 

What is a RNG? 

The next thing to explore here are RNGs. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, something that is quite literally essential in order to things like video slots and online slots to have any chance of working. The reason why? Well, an RNG is what makes developers able to keep their games completely random – without it there would be no way to make a digital set of reels spin in a completely random way. 

And here’s the thing: if developers couldn’t make video slots and online slots that were inherently random gamblers wouldn’t play them, simply because they would be too easy to tamper with. Nobody wants to play a game that has been programmed to spin in a certain way – it just leaves the door open to gambling fraud. 

Ways to get the best out of RTP and RNGs 

How can you make the best out of RTP and RNGs? There are a few valuable techniques that people have used over the years, here are a few: 

  •         Play high RTP online slots whenever you can.
  •         Use betting systems to complement the random nature of RNGs.

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