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New Zealand Hunting Trips

Looking for an unforgettable hunting experience, look no further than New Zealand. This stunning country is home to various game animals, making it the perfect destination for hunters of all levels of experience.

There are plenty of options when it comes to New Zealand hunting trips. You can choose from guided or self-guided trips, and there are hunts available for red deer, wild pigs, goats, Tahr, chamois and other game animals. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a perfect journey for you.

What makes New Zealand such an excellent hunting destination is its diverse landscape. You’ll find everything from dense forests to rolling hillsides and snow-capped mountains. This varied terrain provides the perfect habitat for various game animals.

Another great thing about hunting in New Zealand is the abundance of New Zealand game animals. With so many different species available to pursue, you’re almost guaranteed to take home a prize-winning animal on your trip.

Tahr Hunting

If you’re looking for an exciting hunting adventure, consider heading to New Zealand to hunt Tahr. These animals are a type of wild goat found in the mountains of New Zealand. They are considered trophy animals and provide a challenging hunt for experienced hunters.

Tahr is typically hunted when they move down from the mountains into more open areas during the winter months. They can be challenging to spot, so it’s essential to be familiar with their habits and behavior. Before aiming, hunters will often use binoculars and spotting scopes to locate these animals.

Red Stag Hunting

If you’re looking for an exciting hunting adventure, consider red stag hunting in New Zealand. This unique country offers some of the best big game hunting globally, and red deer are one of the most popular targets. There are several different ways to hunt red deer in New Zealand to choose the best option for your skills and interests. You can go on a guided hunt with a professional hunter or try your hand at stalking deer through the dense forests and rugged terrain. Whatever type of hunt you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience! You will find a New Zealand Red stag hunt price at around $6,000 to $7500 for a 5-day hunt.

Chamois Hunting

Chamois hunting in New Zealand is a popular activity for hunters from all over the world. The chamois is a goat-like animal found in the mountains of New Zealand. There are two species of chamois in New Zealand, the North Island red and the South Island brown.

The best time to hunt chamois in New Zealand is during the spring and early summer, when they are most active. Chamois can be pursued with either bows or firearms, but archery is considered the more challenging way to hunt them.

There are several areas in New Zealand where chamois can be hunted, including Mount Aspiring National Park, Fiordland National Park, and Nelson Lakes National Park. These parks offer some of the best scenery in New Zealand and plenty of opportunities to see chamois up close.

If you’re interested in hunting chamois in New Zealand, it’s essential to do your research first and have all the necessary permits and licenses. There are also many tour operators who offer guided hunts for chamois throughout the country.

The New Zealand hunting season runs from late February through July. The Red Stag Roar (rut) usually runs from March through the middle of April. However, like Tahr and Chamois, the alpine animals are best hunted from May through July.

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So if you’re looking for an adventure unlike any other, consider booking a hunting trip in beautiful New Zealand!