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NBA legends Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook joined Lakers as free agents

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Russell Westbrook, as predicted, was the essential signing for The Lakers. But the goals for which he was traded to LA are quite clear. Westbrook averaged a triple-double per game with the Wizards. In the course of the championship, Russell went down in league history as the record holder for the number of triple-doubles in his career, beating Robertson himself (184 against 181 for Oscars).

Hall of Fame member Oscar Robertson said: “I look at Westbrook – he regularly collected triple-doubles this past season, and no one even noticed it. All these people think that this is nothing special.

I think this is absolutely unfair. I think Russell was supposed to be MVP again. If a person re-scores an average of three-doubles per match, but at the same time does not receive an MVP award – why keep statistics at all? ” Robertson asked on a recent Knuckleheads podcast. Lakers fans have been placing statistics bets in the 1 xbet app, more information about this application youcan found at the page of site

Westbrook is still one of the most reliable defenders, which will make Lakers stronger on the backboards at both sides of the court.

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Melo has signed with the Lakers. Five years ago, this transition would have become one of the main transfers of the offseason, but now it looks like an ordinary event. Each of the parties to the agreement found what it was looking for: a sniper who got 40.9% of three point throws in the last season goes to Los Angeles, who is able to independently create a shot for himself and does not claim to be the main role in the attack. Carmelo, at the age of 38 (that is how old he will be in May 2022), will have a real opportunity to compete for the NBA championship ring. Carmelo played 564 regular season games for Denver in 8 seasons, having averaged 24.8 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 36.4 minutes, with 45.9% field goal shots, 31.1% three-pointers and free kicks 80.3%. He said: “I try to think about it, I try to realize it. I understand what it means to wear purple and gold – just from the history of the game and due to the rivalry with the club. And I really understand the true essence of what it means to be a “lake-maker”.