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Most Popular Games at Singapore Casino Online

Aside from the boredom that this pandemic has brought us, we are constantly looking for something that will entertain us. Browsing the net, checking on social media accounts may get you all fed up since it’s just the same routine and features. Online games however is a different story–with so many different kinds of online games offered, the top best pick is Casino Online. Online Casinos are a different kind of wild since they offer extremely amusive and playful casino games that will surely push your luck to the limit. Here are the list of the most popular games at Singapore Casino online:


This is a French card game mostly played in casinos where comparing cards played between two hands (Player and Banker). In Singapore, the common version of baccarat played is Punto Banco. The rules are simple: you can bet on the bank in the hopes of winning while other players will be tying. It has a payout from 8-1 but the chances of winning are slim. The objective of this game is to bet on which of the two hands will get a score as closest to 9.


The game is basic–betting in the game starts before the wheel starts spinning. It is a very profitable game since the payout will be 5 times more than the initial bet when you bet in the 6th number. Even if the game is as simple as throwing the ball onto a roulette wheel and praying that your number or cooler comes up, it is also about having the perfect strategy.


Playing slots is a no-brainer game, it depends on the pay line and reels. It might look simple but it will definitely need a bucket ton of luck. Players oftentimes aim for a bigger outcome when betting in this fair game. Singapore Online Casinos make sure that online slots are safe and secure to play on with the most up-to-date technology.

Video Poker

With over a million players worldwide, Poker Online has been tagged as the most famous online casino game. Compared to the traditional (brick and mortar) places of playing poker, playing online is less intimidating to inspiring poker players who are reluctant to play face to face. Online poker games are extremely cheaper since they have smaller disbursal costs. Online Video Poker is played against the dealer only. There are three Video poker game types: Standard Video Poker, Level-up Video Poker and Power poker.


Online blackjack is basically a single game player against the dealer. Cards are randomly selected using an online generator. At the table, the dealer will ask you to place a chip and deal the cards. This is one of the most celebrated games in the world and popularly chosen in casinos in Singapore. Online Blackjack tests your basic math skills in playing since the game’s goal is to get card value as close to 21 as possible without going overboard.

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