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Most Famous Gay Athletes

Gay people are excelling in every sector of life as they are absolutely normal people like us. Though they are ignored often, situation is gradually changing. They are now getting enough resoect as they deserved. For example, gay tobacco ads came  out of the closet in recent years. They are also doing other jobs. Here we will talk about some athletes who have announced that they are gay. Let’s begin- 


She is known as the Michael Jordan of ladies basketball, and she is the most famous woman basketball player in history. Sheryl set numerous records when at Texas Tech. Her professional work was simply as impressive, being called WNBA MVP and protective gamer of the year three periods apiece, as well as succeeding in four WNBA competition. She also gained three Olympic medals with crew USA. She was wedded from 1995 to 1999 and got a son who she called Michael Jordan. She released she was gay in 2005.


In the record, the most prominent female tennis participants, Navratilova, excelled in Grand Slam, taking eighteen singles titles and thirty-one doubles caps. Martina arrived in 1981, soon after getting the US resident. She retired in 2006.


Brittney Griner arrived just times after being the No. 1 pick in the WNBA Draft. Griner was prominent at Baylor, establishing the sole-season blocks record and getting the all-time head in blocked shots for women and men. Griner was titled the final four’s most exceptional Player, led the Bears to a 40-0 mark in 2012 – the most wins in NCAA history.


NBA expert big man Jason Collins created headlines after being the first energetic male athlete in the four significant American specialist sports to emerge as gay. In the first-individual part for athletics highlighted, Collins said: ‘If I experienced my method, somebody else might have already carried out this. No one has, that is why I am increasing my hand.’ The Houston Rockets picked Jason with the Eighteenth choice in the 2001 NBA Draft. Jason has performed for six clubs over 12 periods, averaging 3.6 points as well as 3.8 rebounds.

Greg Louganis

One of Greg Louganis’ profession’s identifying times was while he hit the head on the springboard and experienced a concussion when fighting in the 1988 initial diving contest. Louganis continued to succeed two medals at the Seoul Games, his 3rd and 4th Olympic golds; however, he hadn’t revealed that he had been HIV-positive throughout the competition. In the autobiography, ‘Breaking the Surface,’ he in depth his melancholy as a teenager and exposed that he was HIV-positive. Louganis declared he was gay in 1994.


Kwame played in the NFL. His career was not very remarkable; however, he did have one career TD. Harris did get into problems with the law when he got into a division with his ex-boyfriend, Geier. Kwame pleaded not responsible for the assault. Not long after the report went public, Harris released he was gay.

Billie Jean 

Despite all of her Grand Slam glory, Billie is best kept in mind for her battle event against  Riggs.  Jean defeated Riggs, a top player during the ’30s and ’40s.  King, who was married from 1965 to 1987, was forced to acknowledge her relationship with her female secretary, making her one of the first prominent professional female athletes to come out.

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John Amaechi

John Amaechi became an NBA pioneer when he came out in 2007. He was the initial ex NBA player, and he declared he was gay. 

Like them there are so many sports person who have declared themselves as gay. They all are respectful personalities, as mentioned before many ads have been published on them, like gay tobacco ads came  out of the closet

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