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Mommy needs a weighted blanket, too

This is what my baby told me a few days ago and I tend to agree. I don’t know if they make it in adult sizes but they should, as the need the products answers to is fundamental and doesn’t go away with time. I specifically remember when I first read about it in a magazine, something clicked so powerful that I said to myself that I have to buy it as soon as possible as it would put an end to a common misery of ours – the bedtime routine. Until finding out about the weighted blanket for kids, I tried everything to help my toddler go to sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night. It was long play sessions in the afternoon, warm milk or chamomille tea, a nightlight, captivating stories and lots of kisses. And then tragedy. Night after night tears, guilt, frustrations. The kid was not sleeping, his mommy wasn’t sleeping either (his daddy had no trouble sleeping at all, as the zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be able to wake him up..)

And then we bought this magic wand in the shape of a weighted blanket for kids with removable cover. And it all disappeared, making room for a different baby, a different mommy and a very different scenario. The kid goes to bed on his own, the blanket ensures constant pressure and body temperature, so he is hugged during all his sleeping hours. And he sleeps like never before, profoundly, with no pauses, peaceful and relaxed, exactly how we would all wished we slept.

If you’re like me, a bit more practical, you would find it useful that they made the minky cover compatible with all washing machines and dryers, so that you can clean it as often as you want. You would also apreciate the fact that it has a variety of colours, so that it suits all tastes and the little one’s room theme. You would want to see what sizes you should buy during certain periods of your kid’s physical and mental development and you would finally conclude that you need one, too.More info Click here 7starhd

The things is that it almost seems too good to be real, the weighted blanket for kids with removable cover is made of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber, all combined resulting in the recipe for sweet dreams. I mean it has a bit of everything, top quality materials, innovative design and the guaranteed effect of relaxation. If you choose it right, by calculating 10% of the body weight of your child, it will literally bring Heaven on Earth. You will pack it no matter where you go, you will find yourself thinking about it, somehow fearful at the thought that some parents don’t have it and still struggle with something that should enhace your relationship with the kid, not ruin it – the bedtime routine.For more info Visit the site tamilmv

I don’t know about others and can only speak for myself and my family – this discovery was lifechanging for us. And it still is. Just give it a go and join the group of parents who found out they had the time to be so much more than just that. More info for click here comments On Instagram

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