Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Mobile Website version vs Slots Mobile Apps

When online casinos first appeared, they could only be accessed using a computer as mobile phones didn’t have access to the Internet. Nowadays, players can enjoy fast data, and mobile devices are so advanced they can support all kinds of apps and games.

More and more people use their phones to play casino games. Recently there has been a new invention in the field of mobile gambling, and slots mobile apps have been introduced – deposit with your mobile. Keep reading to find out if there are any differences in playing slot games on mobile slot websites and in slots mobile apps.

What’s the difference between mobile website versions and slot apps?

If you look up slot games in the browser on your phone, you will access mobile versions of casino websites. If you already have a casino account, you can use the same login details to access the games. If you haven’t registered yet you will be able to create a new account. When you play slots on mobile website versions you don’t need to download anything.

In order to play games in slot apps, you need to install the software first. You can find slot apps in Google Play store or App store, depending on what operating system your phone uses. Mobile slot apps usually offer less games than regular online casino websites. Sometimes they can feature only one slot game.

Advantages of slots mobile apps

Here you can read about the main reasons why people choose mobile apps.

  1. Quick access to entertainment – mobile apps allow you to play slots whenever you start feeling bored.
  2. Less adds – when you browse slot games in browser you often have to get through many adds before you get to play the game. When you use the app there is noticeably less of that.
  3. Mobile bonuses – many casinos offer special bonuses for users who use download their slots apps.
  4. Touchscreen – slots apps are designed for mobile devices so often they feature modern technologies that make playing with your fingers more comfortable than ever.

Advantages of mobile versions of online casinos

Even though mobile apps are great some people prefer to access slot games in browser. Here are a few reasons for that.

  1. Great selection of games – when you open casino websites in browser you can enjoy basically all the same games you would if you were playing on a computer. When you use slots apps the choice of slot titles is not as good.
  2. No need to download anything – installing slots site app requires a lot of free space on your phone. If you use mobile website versions of casinos you don’t need to worry about not having enough memory to enjoy slots.

The verdict

As with many things when it comes to gambling, the choice is completely up to you. Both slots site apps and mobile website versions of casinos are adapted for mobile devices so both offer immersive gaming experience. Whichever you choose you can enjoy great quality slot games.